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I am just starting my journey and am anxious to find out as much as I can about my McMahon family line. I do not know much, here is what I have. My 3rd great grandfather was John McMahon born in 1812, I believe near Limerick, in county Clare. He was married to Elizabeth Moore, born in Ireland around 1808. Her parents were George Moore and Anna Jane McConky, perhaps from the Monaghan area.

I believe John and his wife Elizabeth immigrated to the United States and settled in Michigan. I believe Johns's father was Thomas McMahon born in Louth, Ireland in 1788. Thomas was married to a woman named Mary.

I have always had a strong desire to visit and connect with Ireland, and finding my ancestors originated there could be a clue why.  Hoping for some information to guide me along, my mother passed without telling me much about our family. As stated, I am very new to all of this and not quite sure how to proceed. Thank you so much.



Saturday 17th Sep 2022, 06:43PM

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  • Hi LilliB,

    my 3 x great Grandmother was Bridget McMahon born around 1810 in Kildysart (Killadysert) in County Clare just across the Shannon from Limerick. She married Patrick Daly in about 1834. At least one of their children, Michael, emigrated to the US in 1884 (Buffalo, Eerie, NY). I'm wondering if your John McMahon is related to or even a brother of my Bridget McMahon. The dates and location fit. Do you have a family tree on one of the genealogical sites e.g. Ancestry?

    Kind regards,

    Tom Daly

    Sean Tomas

    Sunday 18th Sep 2022, 12:20PM
  • Hi LilliB:


    Thank you for your post to the message board.  I would recommend that you work backwards with your family research.  Even if your mother did not give you a lot of information, if you start with her, and work back from her to her parents, grandparents and so on, you may be surprised with the information that you gather.


    The Creating Connections Webinars  on this website have some very helpful information with getting started.  I would recommend that you look at them.  Please feel free to contact me at: if you have further questions.


    All the best,



    Tulla Clare, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Monday 3rd Oct 2022, 08:07PM
  • Tom Daly,

    Thank you for reaching out. I am not so sure. Everything would be a guess. You can view what I do have here. Please let me know if you learn anything. I would really love to know.


    Sunday 16th Oct 2022, 03:18PM
  • Hi LilliB

    unfortunately the above link is not working and I never got an email from Ancestry informing me of your invite (for that matter I also didn't get an email from IrelandXO advising that you had messaged me). Somethings gone wrong. Would you like to try again?




    Sean Tomas

    Thursday 17th Nov 2022, 11:39AM

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