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Hi, I'm living in Sydney Australia & am doing family research on WikiTree. My Great Grandfather John Blake Quealy (born 1/1/1855) migrated to Australia from Kilmer, or Kilkee County Clare (maybe in 1860) prior to marrying my Great Granmother Mary Deveraux in Sydney in 1887. I noticed that John Blake Quealy had a brother named Martin Quealy (they were both sons of Walter Quealy & Bridget Blake). What got my interest was that a Martin Quealy is currently listed in the Clare phone directory. I suspect that there may be some relationship with my family. I'd love to hear from anyone with connections. I've always wondered why I was called Walter Mark Quealy, my father was called Walter Patrick Quealy, My grandfather was called Walter Deveraux Quealy & my Great Great Grandfather was called Walter Quealy. Walter doesn't sound much like a traditional Irish name to me. Thanks (Walter) Mark Quealy 

Mark Quealy

Monday 21st Jan 2019, 04:32AM

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    Hi to Mark Quealy . . . in Sydney, Australia.

    Greetings . . and Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out . . . 


    I'm not quite sure how I can be of help . . . as I am a volunteer from the Midlands of Ireland . . . a town called Roscrea, Co.Tipperary . . . far removed. . .  as it is . . .  from the Clare area . . . 

    I waited to see if our very experianced Volunteers from the Clare region would pick up on your query . . but . . not so . . 

    SO . . it was the surname Quealy which caught my interest . . . which . . actually . . IS a very Irish Family name . . in the County Clare area.. . . 

    We here in this Town . . were really fortunate . . . in welcoming  . . . many many decades ago . . a young Teacher from near Kilkee . . names John Quealy . . from the 

    Tullabrack // Moyarta area of Clare. He taught in a very small " National School " in our country district called " Knock " . . a few miles from Roscrea.

    He married a local girl Joan . . whose family was steeped in the tradition of National School teaching . . . and proceeded to raise a big beautiful family . . 

    all of whom . . . became the pride of our Community.

    John Quealy .  . . is now . . sadly. . . deceased . . . BUT . . he has left us a wonderful BOOK of his memories . . from his fun filled days of youth .. . growing up 

    in a wonder-filled corner of Ireland . . . 

    The book is an amalgum of short stories . . . written articles . . for the local newspaper. . . The Clare Champion ( former editor Gerry Collison ).

    A really good portrayal of his life and times and the good people who crossed his way . . of them he quotes the lines . . . " ye are the Alive who live forever, and the Dead who never die " . . . 

    Published in 2005 . . . ISBN: 1-905451-04-0

    A CIP catalogue for this book is available from the National Library of Ireland . . . 

    SO Mark . . . I do hope this will be helpful . . to your continued search for Irish Roots . . . and the honoured Clare name of Quealy.

    Good Luck . . . E.M.H.

    Eamonn M. Horan, Volunteer Ireland Reaching Out ☘️

    Tuesday 22nd Jan 2019, 01:07PM
  • John Quealy . . . 

    First went to School in Tullabrack . . . 

    Attached find his poem . . . listing all the familiar Surnames that surrounded his school days . . . 

    The last two verses read as follows . . . 

    " These were my friends from childhood

        Pals of my cradle days

    Some have settled here in Ireland 

    Some have gone their seperate ways 


    Some lie sleeping in the Kyleen

      Some way off in the Outback,

    May the Good Lord judge them easy

    My dear friends from Tullabrack . . . "


    Attached also . . . a short srory of his first visit to the Town and Strand of Kilkee  . . . 



    Eamonn M. Horan, Volunteer Ireland Reaching Out ☘️

    Tuesday 22nd Jan 2019, 03:25PM
  • Thanks so much Eamonn, pity I never met John. Great stories, was the football Gaelic football? No doubt your John was related to my Great Grandfather John Blake Quealy who migrated to Australia in 1860 or so. John Blake Quealy’s grandson & great grandsons are also Johns & are living in Newcastle NSW & Christchurch New Zealand. His great grandson is also a teacher like the John you knew. I’m still interested to know why I got the family name “Walter” from my great great grandfather, which sounds kind of German to me?

    Mark Quealy

    Saturday 26th Jan 2019, 02:34PM
  • Hi Mark,

    My name's Rowena Curtin and my Great Grandmother was Margaret Quailey who married Robert Curtin on the 10th November, 1909 at St Joseph's Church, Woollahra, NSW, Australia. 

    Margaret Quailey's parents (or Quealy as it was also spelled) were Edward Quealy and Margaret O'Neill. They were married in Christchurch New Zealand in 1881. I have found a record of an E Quealy travelling on the steamship Albion bound for Dunedin, New Zealand leaving Melbourne on the 27th July, 1880. He was 36 years old. Occupation was Gent and he travelled in the saloon, not in steerage.

    Edward Quailey died 18th December, 1917 in Woollahra. His death certificate states that his parents were Thomas Quealy and Bridget Haugh and that he came from Lisheenfroor, Moyarta, Kilrush, County Clare. I have been combing through the census nd other info for this area and am putting the pieces together...or not. 

    Just to complicate matters, we have another Quealy connection. Edward and Margaret's granddaughter, Anne Jean Quealy (who was adopted by my Great Grandparents after her parents passed away and was known as Nancy Curtin) married John Joseph Lee 8th February, 1947. His mother was Mary Agnes Quealy, daughter of John Quealy and Margaret O'Keefe. 

    When they got married, it mentioned a connection spanning four generations of their families: 

    MARRIAGE of Mr. John Lee, of Warrnambool (Vic.), and Miss Nancy Curtin, of Bellevue Hill, photographed after the ceremony at Holy Cross Church, Woollahra, on Saturday, united two families whose friendship has endured through four generations. Catholic Weekly (Sydney, NSW : 1942 - 1954), Thursday 13 February 1947, page 17

    It turns out that John Lee's mother ,Agnes Mary, was also a Quealy:

    LEE—QUEALY.—On 1st July, 1919, at St. Mary's, Colac. by the Rev. Fr. Logan, assisted by Very Rev. Fr. Kennelly, P.P. (Colac), the Right Rev. Monsignor Marshall, V.G., and Rev. Fr. Galllgan, of St. Joseph's, Warrnambool, John Joseph (Jack), only son of Mrs. Jas. Lee and the late Jas. Lee, J.P., of St Mary's, Wangoom, Warrnambool, to Mary Agnes (Minnie), younger daughter of the late Mrs. Quealy and Mr. John Quealy. of "Hillcrest," Larpent, Colac. Advocate (Melbourne, Vic. : 1868 - 1954), Saturday 9 August 1919, page 21

    Her father mentioned above died in Colac in 1921 and his mother was Catherine O'Dea. I haven't ordered his death certificate and this info just comes from VIC BDM online. 

    This takes us back to John Quealy married Catherine O'Dea in 1943. He was born in Lisheencrona, Moyarta, Kilrush, County Clare around 1843. Catherine was the daughter of Patrick O'Dea and Mary McNamara and she had 8 siblings. 

    Apparently, John Quealy and Catherine O'Dea had 8 children. I can only name two of these children atm.

    There's Bridget who married John LeHive on 31st January, 1874 at the Roman Catholic Chapel at Carringaholt. Witnesses Johanna Quealy and Thomas Haugan. 

    Catherine (Kate) m. James Walsh.on 22nd February, 1887 at the Roman Catholic Chapel at Carringaholt witnesses Thomas Shea and Lizzie O'Brien. 

    Well, that will get the ball rolling.

    Best wishes,







    Friday 11th Oct 2019, 05:03AM
  • Hi Mark,

    I'm back again. I was searching through Trove looking to see if I could shed more light on my Edward Quealy/Quailey and one of yours popped up. I'd come across him before and had him mixed up with mine for awhile. That's Edward Martin Quealy son of John Blake Quealy who died in 1966 in Sydney. 

    I'm not sure whether you're aware that the old Australian newspapers are online at Trove. However, I found this death notice which might interest you:

    Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Monday 16 November 1931, page 7

    QUEALY-The Relatives and Friends of Mr and Mrs EDWARD QUEALY and FAMILY, Bathurst; Mr and Mrs WALTER QUEALEY and FAMILY, Mr and Mrs N PERGAMALIS and FAMILY, Mr and Mrs JOHN QUEALY, Newcastle, Mr and Mrs J CROKE, are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their late dearly beloved STEPMOTHER and GRANDMOTHER Caroline Quealy to leave 54 Gar field street, Fivedock THIS (Monday) , MORNING, at 9 45 for Catholic Cemetery Rookwood (Old portion) By road Motor FuncraL

    W N BULL,Funeral Director

    QUEALY-The Relatives and Friends of Mr CHARLES PHILLIPS and FAMILY are kindly Invited to attend the Funeral of their late dearly beloved SISTER IN LAW and AUNT Caroline Quealy to leave the residence 54 Garfield street Flvedock THIS (Monday) MORNING at 9 45 for Catholic Cemetery, Rookwood, by road.

    Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW : 1890 - 1954), Thursday 6 June 1918, page 15

    Mr. W. Quealy Out of Hospital.

    Mr. Edward Quealy, of the 'Guar-dian' office, on Tuesday had' a let ter advising him that his brother, Mr. Walter Quealy, formerly of Mudgee, who some months ago met with a serious accident at the Broken Hill Proprietary Company's steel works at Newcastle, had so sufficiently recovered that on the previous day he he'd been able to leave the hospital in which he had been an inmate for seventeen weeks.

    I'm not sure what your Edward Quealy was doing at the Guardian office but I have an Edward Quailey who worked as a typesetter for the Sydney Morning Herald or so the story goes. His brother Jack worked as a printer. 

    I have a lot of pieces in the Quealy puzzle. Just not quite sure how they fit together or even if they do. 

    Best wishes,


    Friday 11th Oct 2019, 01:52PM
  • Hi Rowena, I’m living in Sydney. My full name is Walter Mark Quealy (great great grandfather was Walter Quealy, my grandfather was Walter Devereux Quealy & my Dad was Walter Patrick Quealy. I’ve put a lot of the puzzle pieces up on My great uncle Edward Martin Quealy (Ted) was an editor of the Guardian newspaper in Mudgee. Ted had a brother John Blake (Jack) Quealy (11) who lived most of his life in Newcastle. Jack was an engineer. Jacks dad was also John Blake Quealy (1) & after his  wife Mary Devereux died in 1904 he remarried Caroline Kerrison in 1910. JB Jack Quealy (11) has a son John Blake Quealy (111) also who is retired & living in Newcastle. John has a son John who is living in New Zealand now (so that’s 4 generations of John Quealy!) no wonder you are confused with all these repetitive names. Mark

    Mark Quealy

    Saturday 12th Oct 2019, 08:02AM
  • Hi - this may be a stretch but here goes....My grandmother was Nora Tubridy - daughter of John Tubridy and Kate Shaughnessy, both of whom were born in Co.Clare (Kilmihill area) and who emigrated to USA - specifically to Jersey City NJ. John's sister married Thomas O'Dea. I also have family connections to Blakes -but that's through my mother's side, from Loop Head area (Ross). Growing up, we were very close to Nellie (Helen) Quealy Meyer. She was referred to as cousin Nellie. Nellie's sister Susan (we called her Susannah) was married to Mike MacNamara. Family story was that Nellie and Susan were orphaned in Ireland (apparently from a town called Quilty) and a Mr Henry (also from Ireland) brought them to Jersey City with his family. Mr Henry seemed to be fairly well off - Nellie and Susan worked for him and his family and when he died, he left his home to Nellie. I have no idea how "cousin" Nellie links with our family, but the names O'Dea amd MacNamara have both come up in previous posts. Nellie was born around 1894 in Ireland. It is possible that Nellie and Susan's parents were Michael Quealy and Mary McGrath - butI can't confirm that. Any ideas? 





    Wednesday 20th Nov 2019, 03:06AM
  • Hi Kathleen, I wonder if Nellie is related. I have most of my family research on WikiTree. I'm Quealy-15. I struggle with this genealogy but so interesting when we make connections with the past. I have done living DNA test & posted on GEDmatch recently. Hope this fills in some missing pieces. Cheers Mark

    Mark Quealy

    Thursday 21st Nov 2019, 04:30AM
  • My GED match is AC6321277. 

    Mark Quealy

    Thursday 21st Nov 2019, 01:18PM
  • Hi Rowena, slowly working through the puzzling connections. Not sure if it's a typo but you seem to mention John Quealy born 1843 married Catherine ODea in 1943 (making him 100 on his wedding day) maybe I misread it? I wonder where Johanna Quealy the witness at Bridget & John Le Hive wedding in 1874 fits into the Quealy picture? 

    Mark Quealy

    Thursday 21st Nov 2019, 02:02PM
  • There's a Martin Quealy & his wife, Anne who live in Dromelihy, not far from Moyasta in county Clare.

    He's the grandson of a John Quealy, who carved his name and the year 1847 A.D into an old grinding stone at the family home.

    He's also the cousin of the aforementioned John Quealy, former teacher, author and poet, husband to Joan.

    As a man who was principal of the local national school's, he knows a great deal about family origins and I'd recommend to contact him by phone or regular mail. He's in his mid 80's but sharp as a tack.

    You all may want to google search "Quealy, Wyoming" and how that town got it's name. This rabbit-hole goes fairly deep.

    Thursday 26th Mar 2020, 09:37AM
  • That sounds like a good step. I will contact Martin Quealy. Thanks for the tip. Mark

    Mark Quealy

    Friday 27th Mar 2020, 01:31PM
  • Regards for the advice. Mark

    Wednesday 21st Jun 2023, 10:11AM
  • That seems like a wise move. I'll give Martin Quealy a call. 



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    Wednesday 21st Jun 2023, 10:12AM
  • Thanks 


    Wednesday 28th Jun 2023, 11:12PM

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