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I am interested to hear from anyone who knows anything about the Sharp(e), Green or Warren families who lived at Ballyhay in the early 19th century and before.

I have a John Green married to Catherine Warren at Ballyhay in 1737.

Their daughter, Elizabeth Green married George Sharp on 22nd June 1774 at Ballyhay.

George Sharp had a sister, Jane born 1747 who died 1749 and a brother Johnathon born 1745. I believe this might be the John Sharp who moved to Glenmount/Glenlohane/Castlemagner link.

Elizabeth and George following their 1774 marriage had the following children:

Benjamin born 1775

John born 1776

George born 1777 and died 1780

Elinor born 1780

George born 1782. Who I believe is the father of Cornelius born 1815 and Daniel born 1819 who then moved to Liscarroll.

We would like to visit Ballyhay soon, I would be interested to know if there is still a Church of Ireland church at Ballyhay or the site we could visit? Or where they would have married in 1737 and 1774.

Thank you for your help,



Wednesday 19th Apr 2017, 07:57AM

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  • Dear Karen:


    Many thanks for your post to the Ireland Reaching Out message board.

    The pre-1800 years can be very difficult to research and in many cases, it is a matter of finding local historical sources or contacting local history societies.

    The Cork Historical Society has a very good website that you may find useful.  You can search their previous publications (journals).  I have done a quick search on the Warren surname and there are 3 articles that have shown up.

    The link is below:

    In addition, as mentioned to you in another post, Historic Graves is very good for pre-1800 research and the County of Cork has been very active with regard to putting graveyard inscriptions online through this site.

    Their website is listed below for your reference:

    You mention the possibility of visiting the Church of Ireland in Ballyhea, but I'm not sure if one exists today.  I will alert a volunteer from that area to this post and they might be able to confirm more information for you.

    Please keep us posted as to your future travel plans so that we may further assist you.


    Kind regards,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Wednesday 19th Apr 2017, 11:31AM
  • Hi Karen

    I am not sure if there ever was a church of Ireland in Ballyhea county Cork maybe your ancestors were from Ballyhay county Down.
    Unfortunately records dating this far back do not exist, not for Ballyhea Cork and not for Ballyhay county Down.


    Anne Marie

    Mallow Cork

    Wednesday 19th Apr 2017, 12:00PM
  • According to Lewis' Topographical Dictionary there was a Church of Ireland Church for Ballhay/Ballyhea but at the time this was published (1837) "...the Church has been long in ruin, and, from its extent and its ornamental details, appears to have been a spacious edifice...". The ruins are shown on the 1st Edition OSI maps c1840,  The old graveyard, and some possible ruins are visible on Google Street View.

    The RCBL Parish list includes Ballyhay and notes baptism/marriage & death/burial records back to 1728 for the parish, as being held in local custody. I'm not sure where the records are held, since the Church is in ruins - maybe in the neighbouring parish of Charleville/Rathgoggan. Might be worth asking Representative Church Body Library if they can help.

    p.s. the Aerial images on GeoHive show what appears to be some remains of a structure at the site, which have the same sort of layout as that shown on the historic maps.

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 19th Apr 2017, 12:31PM

    Thank you so much Jane and Shane W for your really helpful replies.

    Jane, do you have to be a member of the Cork Historical Society to see the articles from the journals? As when I searched "Warren" a huge long list came up but I was not clear on how I could see them apart from buying the 6 volumes? Thank you too for your reply to the Walsh/Canty in Cloncrew.

    Thank you Shane W for your amazing maps and the aerial view of the ruins Church of Ireland Church at Ballyhay.Lewis' Topographical history of Ballyhay was also very interesting.  Is it possible to visit the site of the old church do you know? Somewhere I read of a marriage record at a Barracks in Ballyhay in the 1700's. Would this be linked to Castle Harrison?

    Many thanks again for your kind help, it's really appreciated,




    Friday 21st Apr 2017, 08:03AM
  • The sign outside the graveyard and old church suggests that the graveyard is in the care of Cork Co. Council and there's a stile to the left of the gate (Google Street View) - so looks to me like there's public access...

    I dont see any sign of a barracks in the parish, or mention in Lewis, but I suppose it's possible there was something during earlier times.

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 21st Apr 2017, 08:34AM
  • That's great yes, thank you Shane it does look very "visitable". Thank you so much for your help.



    Friday 21st Apr 2017, 09:28AM
  • Dear Karen:


    I am not aware of whether or not you have to be a member to view the articles that you referred to.

    If you click on one of them, see if you can read it.  If not, note the Issue & Volume number, and contact the Cork Historical society about getting access to it.


    KInd regards,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Monday 24th Apr 2017, 02:14PM

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