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My GGG grandfather, John Jennings, was born between 1773-1786 and came from Bandon to County Cork. He married Jane (McCalley?) and they had Henry b1819, Margaret b1822, Ellen B1824-1893 and Catherine b1828. He remarried Anne Wolfe 1829 and they had Jane b1831-1914, Ann b1834-1901 and Mary b 1836-1915. The eventually came to Bathurst, New Brunswick.  My GG grandfather is Henry Jennings.  I can go no further back in my genealogy tree and need help.  Thank you.


Wednesday 26th Mar 2014, 08:15PM

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  • Hello Debby,

    Congratulations on being able to go back to 1773 with your family history.  Most people only dream of being able to do that.  Civil records began in Ireland in 1864.  Church records began around 1830 for most parishes with some parishes starting approx 1800.  There were a limited number of protestant records that went back to the late 1700s.

    I can't think of any way to help you go back further.  Have you looked at the resources menu on this website.  Perhaps they might have suggestions to help.  

    My own family search ended in 1840 so I'm happy that you were able to get further back.

    Kind regards,

    Anne Dennehy


    Thursday 27th Mar 2014, 02:53PM
  • Thank you for your comments.  This info was documented from a 2nd cousin in New Brunswick from family records. My GG Grandfather left some documentation in her family so I am very lucky!  I hope to visit Ireland next year and do some deeper research in Dublin and Cork. 

    Debby S.


    Thursday 27th Mar 2014, 03:08PM
  • Hi Debby

    Further to Anne's comments you might want to have a look on but it costs to view the records.

    Ther is a baptism record of John Jennings 1753 Offaly

    There are another 5 in the 1790's but none in between!

    There are 5 marriages of John Jennings to a Jane but the earliest is 1841. - a free site - has a few baptisms and burials of John Jennings in the church records 1700's

    There is also a marriage of a John Jennings to a Mary Lynch in Cork 1784.


    I assume you've had a look at Family Search; there are a couple of possibilities there.

    Lastly, findmypastireland (pay site) has 10 John Jennings births in your time-frame.


    ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 28th Mar 2014, 03:10AM
  • Thank you so much, Col, for all the links and info. This site is awesome!

    Debby S.


    Sunday 30th Mar 2014, 12:08AM
  • Hi:

    I am a Jennings descended from John, Henry originally from the Bathurst area.

    We have never been able to determine for sure who Henry's mother was. Do you have any proof of who she was? If we had a family name to research we may be able to finally make the connection.

    I was over to Ireland last year and visited Drinagh where there were many Jennings' buried in the church yard. I went there because that was the place named on Henry's death notice.There are no records available from the 1800's to confirm who we may be related to who are still in Ireland.

    I have lots of information on the Jennings Clan in NB but nothing on the Irish connections that must still exist.

    I am willing to share any information you may not have.

    P Maguire

    Patricia Jennings Maguire

    Monday 16th Jun 2014, 01:08AM
  • Thank you very much for your response.  My GGG Grandfather is John Jennings and his son, Henry is my GG Grandfather his son William is my great grandfather and his son, Charles Richard Chesley is my grandfather and his son Reginald Jennings is my father.  I have records from my cousin in Salmon Beach, NB which I got much of my info from about 14 years ago. She is a Willis and her ancestor is John and Jane's 's daughter Catherine. One of her relatives who died had left a whole diary of the family tree and she gave me a package years ago and I have tried to get to the bottom of the surname of Jane who had Margaret b. 1822, Ellen, b. 1824, Catherine b.1828 and my GG Grandfather, Henry b.1829. On I found a tree with Jane "mcCauley?" but I have no idea what her last name is or how to go about finding it. 

    I have also hit a brick wall with John's parents or siblings but to be honest the only paying site I am a member of is Ancestry and I understand that sometimes one must look in the Irish records.  My cousin, Emily, will be travelling to Ireland this fall to do some more investigative work with our family tree in County Cork Drinagh Parish.  I am so excited to find out what she discovers. 

    I am currently taking courses through the Institute of Genealogical Studies as I hope one day to be a Board Certified genealogist. I am really only now learning where and how to search and I am also still learning how to use my Legacy software and Family Tree! I don't have a lot of info about the Jennings connections in Ireland and eventually perhaps in 2016  I will also be travelling there to do some research. 

    As an aside, I was adopted at 8 years old and found both paternal and maternal relatives when I was 28. It wasn't until I was in my 40's that I started to become very interested in exploring more. My cousin saw a rootsweb posting and wrote me.  If you find anything out or I do, I will certainly contact you.  My email is   Thank you again.

    Debby Jennings-Sinera


    Monday 16th Jun 2014, 06:54AM

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