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I am looking for information or old photos/drawings/plans of Youngrove, the estate of the Foulkes and then the Turpin family. My relatvies named Sullivan lived on on around the estate in the 1870s.

The house burned in the 1920s, according to a daughter of the Turpins, but she never said how. Local people told me that Mrs. Turpin, who smoked, set fire to the house accidentally, but after reading about the destruction of the "Big Houses"  during the Civil War, I am skeptical. Does anyone know if the house was burned intentionally ?


Wednesday 3rd Aug 2022, 04:19PM

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  • In an article on irishnewsarchive, it states that the house burned in March 1925. The cause was not known.

    The IRA burning of the big houses is believed to have ended in 1923. 

    I hope this is helpful.


    Wednesday 3rd Aug 2022, 08:37PM
  • Chrism1267,

    A search of the archive newspapers does not offer any great information on Young Grove House.

    Please see attached from the Belfast Newsletter dated March 16th 1925.

     Apparently nothing was saved in the fire.

    Landed Estates Data Base @nui Galway has very little information on the estate and no photograph shown.



    Friday 5th Aug 2022, 08:55AM
  • Further to previous Post:  Marriage:  Yesterday, at St. Peter's Church, Dublin Joseph Turpin, Esq of Young Grove House to Sarah Jane, daughter of the late,

    Robert Fitzgerald, Maryborough, Queen's County. Source: Limerick Reporter March 8th 1850.

    A Sarah Jane Turpin is selling land in Knockegaune, otherwise Sandyhill - April 1870.  Details attached.


    Cork Archive Library may have some details on the family and the Young Grove Estate.



    Friday 5th Aug 2022, 01:20PM
  • It certainly wasn't burnt down by the IRA. Geraldine Turpin had actually married a local Catholic labourer in 1921 whose family were in the local batilion so that might have helped. They had 2 children but neither were raised in Youngrove but were instead raised by various components of the husbands family. The story I heard was that she couldn't cope with kids and after the fire lived in the stable area until she died. 

    There were Sullivans living a couple of hundred yards from the gates 


    Friday 12th Aug 2022, 06:23PM

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