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Hi, I am looking for any information I can get concerning the Baylor family from the Fermoy area during the 1700 to 1800’s.  Specifically that of Peter Baylor (1768 -1838) who was involved with the Woodside Nursery near Corrin Hill.  My 2nd great grandfather, William Baylor who died in Limerick (1855) was a son of Peter.  I am particularly interested in any records form the Castlehyde Cemetery. I have found some burial records from Castlehyde and I believe that there are much more that would be helpful in tracing the Baylor family.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Glenn McKenna

Friday 29th Mar 2024, 04:07PM

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  • Glenn,

    I am involved in a project on Castlehyde and have transcribed all the headstones, and I also have a few records from the late 1700s early 1800s. I am currently away and will check the data when I get home. I do know that there are lots of Baylor families remembered in the cemetery, and there are lots of Baylors in Fermoy. I will get back to you next week.

    Best wishes, Kieran

    Kieran Jordan, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 29th Mar 2024, 06:57PM
  • Thanks for the responce.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Glenn McKenna

    Friday 29th Mar 2024, 10:59PM
  • Glenn,

    The following are the transcriptions from Baylor headstones in Castlehyde:

    Sacred to the memory of Peter Baylor who fell asleep in

    Jesus April 26th. 1891. The memory of the Just is Blessed.

    Proverbs X Chapter 7 Verse.

    And of Mary Jane Sarah, his wife who departed this life

    January 22nd1901.  "Until the day break and the shadows

    flee away". Canticle 2-17.

    (Side) And their beloved daughter, Gertrude S. Baylor,

    who passed away Feb. 4th. 1944. At Rest.

    (Side) Also their beloved youngest son, George Wm.  C. 

    Baylor, who passed away Dec. 31st. 1931. Thy Will Be Done.


    Erected by his sorrowing wife and family. In memory of Richard Bird, died    3rd. May 1912, aged       

    44 years. His wife Mary, died      14th.  Sept. 1944. Their daughter, Gertrude, died   16th. Nov.          1912.    

    Also her grand son Robert C. Baylor, died 5th.  March 1964, aged  45 years.             Mary Elizabeth Rodgers,  born        12-3-1910,  died      24-4-1985.        "By Grace ye are  saved through Faith.           E.P.  -        2          -           8-


    Erected to the memory of Robert Baylor, late of Rathealy,

    who died April    11th. 1849, aged 77 years.      

    Arthur Baylor Esq., Derryvillane, died December

    14th. 1888, aged  80 years. Also Elizabeth Baylor,

    died October 4th. 1933.

    Sacred to the memory of Margaret Jane, dearly loved wife

    of William F. Baylor, Ballyvergan, Youghal, died 19th.

    May 1924.     

    Thy will be Done.


    Elizabeth M. Baylor, of Derryvillane, died          4th.  Oct.



    Beneath are interred the remains of Johanna wife of Mr John Baylor of East Grange. She departed this life on the 17 Nov 1831 aged 50 years. Elizabeth Baylor died on the 1 of April 1835 aged one year. At the north side of this tomb lies the remains of said William Baylor of Grange who died July 9 1841 aged 64 years. And on the south side of this tomb lies the remains of Arthur Baylor  son of John Baylor who died September 22 1839 aged 9 years.


    Here lieth the body of John Baylor, who departed

    thislife the 6th. of June 1786, aged  39 years. And 

    of Peter Baylor, died June   8th. 1915, aged 78 years.

    George William Baylor          1892   -          1970. Mabel

    Baylor 1898-1992.


    In loving memory of George Baylor of Duntaheen, who

    died Febry.    22nd. 1872, aged     95 years. Also his 

    beloved wife, Mary Baylor, who died August  4th. 1889, 

    aged        82 years.  And their daughter, Jane, died Dec.      

    22nd.      1918. Erected by     their family.


    In loving memory of my dear husband, Robert Baylor, 

    died Janry. 11th. 1897, aged          45 years.  "Thy Will be 

    Done':    And of Anne, his wife, died March 22nd.     1904.

    Richard Kenneth Baylor R.A.F. VR, killed in action

    April      4th. 1945,          aged 22 years. Jessie Baylor


    Daly, Fermoy


    Erected by Robert Baylor Junr.  of Fermoy, in

    memory of his three beloved children.      Jane Baylor, 

    died April      17th. 1828, aged 7 months.      Second Jane, 

    died  July       13th.           1831, aged         6 weeks. Eliza, died

    Sep.         16th.           1831, aged        2 years and        3 months.


    Sacred to the memory of Robert Baylor of Fermoy,

    who died Nov.       26th.            1840, aged         48 years. And his 

    wife, Mary Baylor, who died Oct.        6th.   1845 aged          47.    

    There is more on this that is difficult to read.        


    The only records from this time period re the headstone transcriptions. These are the Baylor transcriptions; I do have all others in Castlehyde.


    There are some written records from the 1700s and a few from the early 1800s. 




    Christian name

    Year of burial

    Date of burial

    Father’s name

    Mother’s name













    Not given

    Not given

    Parish of Fermoy




    Not given


    Not given







    Not given







    Not given

    Not given






    Not given







    Not given

    Not given







    Not given






    Not given

    Not given



    Year Date   Groom surname Groom Christian name Comment Bride Surname Bride Christian name Comment  
    1786 Jun-03   Baylor  Peter Fermoy Ryal Jane Grange by licence



    Surname Christian name Year Date Age Comment
    Baylor Elizabeth 1814 Not given 28    
    Baylor Thomas 1818 Jan-12 50 son of the late Arthur Baylor
    Baylor Wiliam 1818 Oct-21 Not given Son of William Baylor of Ballyarthur
    Baylor Mrs. William 1825 Jan-05 46 Of Ballyarthur
    Baylor John 1830 Mar-18 Not given Son of Peter Baylor of Corrin
    Baylor John 1786 Jun-07 Not given Fermoy  
    Baylor Robert 1786 Dec-12 Not given Fermoy  


    These should be of interest, especially the 1700 records. 

    Get back to me for any clarifications or with any questions.

    Best wishes, Kieran

    Kieran Jordan, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 1st Apr 2024, 08:07PM
  • Kieran


    Thank you very much for the information you provided on the Castlehyde Cemetery and Baylor history.  I have spent several years gathering research on the Baylor family (Fermoy area) from America using the internet   As anyone would eventually find out that this is a limited approach.  Your information has added so much, and your help is greatly appreciated.  


    I am interested in exploring how one might research Church Records at the National Archives of Ireland (NAI).   I will have to hire one to do the research and am looking for guidance as to reliable and available services.


    I am also interested in contributing to the Castlehyde Cemetery Restoration Group. (I looked it up on the internet).  Please advise as to how this is done.  I am also interested in updates on how the Project is going.


    Also do you have suggestions on how to contact any Baylors that would know of the family history. I know I’m related but am cautious and wary about me cold calling people I don’t know.  


    Again, I sincerely appreciate all the help.

    Glenn McKenna

    Friday 12th Apr 2024, 03:37PM
  • Glenn,

    I will get your email address from IrelandXO administration and will send you some information about the project at Castlehyde. If it is OK with you, I will add you to our email list and you will receive updates.

    I will ask about any Baylor family members that are interested in family history and will get back to you on that.

    As for the church records at the NLI, they can be searched online at the subscription site The subscription is €30 per month ad you can register for 1 month. In that month, you can do as many searches as you like and print up to 2000 records. I don't get commission from the site, but it is well worth €30! The Baylor family are unusual in that the members are both RC and CofI. On the site you can just do a search of North Cork for Baylor. Don't put in any other information. You will get about 60 hits and the vast majority, if not all, are for Fermoy. This covers all religions. If you put in any other information you will be limiting your search. You will get a few hits if you do a search for Limerick.  To do these searches you will see a tab towards the top 'search by county'. The births will be from 1787 to 1923. If you do the same for marriage records, you will get about 20 hits, if you only put in Baylor. The years for the marriages are 1786 to 1943. There are 2 marriage records for Limerick.

    Let me know if you need any further assistance in searching.

    Best wishes, Kieran

    Kieran Jordan, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 13th Apr 2024, 12:04PM

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