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O’Connell (Connell)


John Connell, born in Ireland c1787, and his wife, Ellen (Quinn), born in Ireland c1796, married in Ireland c1810, emigrated from Ireland (possibly from Glanmire) to Saint Peters (Bathurst), New Brunswick in 1823 with their eight children. Oral family history indicates that there was 17 families from that ship that were housed with area French families for the first winter.


They initially settled and received a grant of land on the Dunlop Road, Beresford Parish.  In the mid 1830’s the family settles on the south side of the Nigadoo River where Francis receives a grant of land and where descendants still reside today.


Children from John & Ellen were:


  1.  Ann, born Ireland c1810 / married William Walsh 19 Oct. 1826


     2.    Mary, born Ireland c1812 / married Daniel Bracket 21 Aug.1827


      3.    Margaret, born Ireland c1813 / married Simon Wheeler 13 July 1830


       4.   Francis, born Ireland c1815 / married Fanny Hurley


       5.   John, born Ireland c1816 / married Mary Cunningham 23 Feb. 1852


       6.   Ellen, born Ireland c1817 / married John Driscoll 3 March 1840


       7.    Johanna, born Ireland c1819 / married Donald Stewart 29 Nov. 1832


       8.     Catherine, born Ireland c1822, died Canada 1828


        9.    George, born New Brunswick, Canada 1826



See “The O’Connells of Nigadoo”  1985, 72pgs.  Collection of the New Brunswick Legislative Library


Thanks, Paul O'Connell

Nigadoo O'Connells

Monday 27th Jul 2015, 02:20AM

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  • Hi Paul,

    How sure are you about Ellen Quinns year of birth and marriage date? Ellen would have been 14 if we go by the years we have now, seems unlikely she married age 14?

    Found one possible baptism match for daughter Mary Connell  18 August 1812 Cork South parish church of (ST. FINBAR'S, CHRIST CHURCH, ST. NICHOLAS, ST. JOHN OF JERUSALEM)

    father John Connell , mothers name given as Nomen Matris (latin for mothers name)

    Mallow Cork

    Monday 27th Jul 2015, 03:16PM
  • Unfortunately I am not able to locate the baptisms of all other children, not with the correct parents anyway

    Found a Margaret baptised in the same church as Mary but her mother is listed as Eliza O'Leary, this Margaret was baptised 25th May 1814 in Cork South parish, what is the source for all the names and dates of children you have?

    Mallow Cork

    Monday 27th Jul 2015, 03:29PM
  • Hi Anne-Marie

    Just got into the site as I had to reset my password.

    The information I have provided on our family that emigrated to Canada are all estimates or guestimates from the later New Brunswick census records and or Canadian census records. John's wife was definitely Ellen or Helen Quinn and other members of the Quinn family also settled in the same area. We have no actual definite dates except the date of emmigration which is 1823 according to the New Brunswick Land Grant Petition. As well the family's original home in Ireland is according to oral family lore which was given as Glanmire but we have no actual written records that identifies their origins in Ireland. In fact their original community in New Brunswick was originally know as Glanmire

    Not much to go on but one can always hope that something will turn up.


    Many thanks,  Paul

    Nigadoo O'Connells

    Friday 7th Aug 2015, 01:52AM

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