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Seeking information on ancestors of Thomas Collins and Mary McCarthy who were married 18 Feb 1865 in St Mary's, Kilmacabea. Witnesses were John Tobin and Denis Hurley. They settled in area around Kilinga and had seven known children: Nora, Mary, Katherine, Margaret, John, Patrick, and Bridget. The first five immigrated to the US and settled around Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is believed that Patrick and Bridget remained in Ireland in the area around Carrigbaun. Have information on those coming to America, seeking information on those who stayed in Ireland. 


Friday 24th Jun 2016, 02:12AM

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  • Phil:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I located Thomas, Mary, Patrick and Bridget in the 1901 census (see below) in Carrigbaun West townland. I looked for them in the 1911 census and the only record I could find was a Patrick Collins family in Carrigbaun (by 1911 Carrigbaun West and Carrigbaun East were known as Carrigbaun). If this is him, he married a Mary Coughlan around 1904-1905. I found a possible civil death index record for Thomas in 1904 but there were too many Mary Collins death index records in the Skibbereen registration district. (You probably know that Collins is a very popular surname in the general area near Skibbereen.) Likely Bridget also married but there are six Bridget Collins marriages in the Skibbereen district between 1901-1911.

    Let me know if you have questions.

    Roger McDonnell……

    First name(s)ThomasLast nameCollinsAge at death70Birth year1834Registered year1904Registered quarter/yearJul - Sep 1904Registration districtSkibbereenVolume5Page317CountyCork

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 24th Jun 2016, 05:15PM
  • Mary McCarthy of Denis McCarthy & Mary McCarthy.was baptised on 4 Apr 1846 in Kilmacabea with sponsors of John & Mary McCarthy.

    I am will upload copies of birth certificates of Hanora,Mary, Kate,Bridget, Margaret & John. There are discrepancirs between the baptismal record & civil record of Bridget, Margaret & John.Bridget is shown as born on 2 Jan 1881 but was baptised on 3 Dec 1880 wth sponsors of Robert Morris & Kate McCarthy. Margaret is shown as born 1 Aug 1873 but was baptised on 2 Jul 1873 with sponsors of Cornelius Connolly & Margaret McCarthy. John is shown as born on 22 Jan 1876 but was baptised on 6 Jan 1876 with sponsors of Joseph Brien & Margaret McCarthy.

    Bill, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 3rd Oct 2019, 07:02PM
  • Someone previously mentioned a Patrick Collins & Mary Coughlan being at Carrigbaun in the 1901 Census. That Patrick had his father as John not Tkomas in his marriage certificatewhen he married Mary Coughlan,

    Bill, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 3rd Oct 2019, 07:07PM
  • Hello Bill,

    Thanks for the information on my family. Regarding Mary McCarthy as being the daughter of Dennis and Mary McCarthy, born in 1846 I have a Baptism record for a Mary born of Denis McCarthy and Hanora Hurley in Feb of 1842, at Lahana. I believe this to be my Mary's parents, as there is a Hurley connection in Boston at the turn of the century with John (my grandfather), Hanora, and Margaret Collins.  

    While I had Baptism records for Hanora, Mary, Katherine, John, and Bridget as well as birth records for John, the records of birth for Hanora, Mary, Katherine, Margaret, and Bridget are a welcome addition, as well as the marriage record of Bridget and Michael Donovan (I had know of this, but had no record). For these I thank you very much. 

    The records for Patrick are the most appreciated. I now believe the information I had regarding Patrick Collins and Mary Coughlan is wrong based on your information that that Patrick's father was John, not Thomas. And the marriage record you've provided for Patrick Collins and Catherine Driscoll makes perfect sense being that there is a strong Driscoll relationship in my tree. And the sponsor names of Donovan and Crowley fit, too.  

    So,again, my deepest appreciation for your efforts in searching for my family. 


    Phil Sheridan 


    Thursday 3rd Oct 2019, 11:37PM

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