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Jeremiah Casey married Margaret Cunningham 16 Apr 1793 at St Mary & St Annes Cathedral in Cork. Their children (Joseph, Batholomew, Catherine, Jermiah, Bridget, Daniel) were also baptised in the church (1794-1810 I have the exact dates). However, none of the baptisms or marriage mentions what Jeremiah's occupation was. Am I right to assume that if the family used St Mary & St Annes as their preferred church then they would have lived within the city of Cork? And are there any records that would give me Jeremiah's (or his sons) occupations. I visited the church briefly in 2013 and because it was surrounded by housing and concrete I doubt there would have been a graveyard attached to the church - so where would be the most likely spot to have been buried? I'd love to break through and find something on the family when they lived there.


Sydney, Australia

Thursday 29th Feb 2024, 01:42AM

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  • Jennie,

    Yes, I think it is fair to assume that they were from Cork City.

    There are two large municipal cemeteries in Cork city, St. Finbarr's and St. Joseph's. Unfortunately, the records for both are from the mid-1850s. If any of the children were buried in either of these cemeteries, then maybe the parents were buried there also, but not recorded. See this link for burial records….

    With regard to occupations, the civil death records at may be some help, but you need to be lucky! Records began in 1864 and on many occasions a person's occupation is given. If any of the children died after 1864, you might find something. The Civil Registration District is Cork. It will be a bit of detective work though. As you don't have an address, there may be a number of people who died in Cork having the same name. However, with a birth year, you may be able to eliminate some people. For example, if Bartholomew Casey died in Cork at the age of 30 in 1866, you can rule him out. On the other hand, if there is a Bartholomew Casey that died in Cork in 1866 aged 66, then he is a possibility (birth year about 1800). This depends on the person you are looking for sharing a name with few people. You never know what you will find. Don't forget to use different spelling, e.g. Bart and Bartholomew.

    Best wishes, Kieran

    Kieran Jordan, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 19th Mar 2024, 08:39PM

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