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There is a colorful family legend about my gr-great grandfather but documentation for none of it prior to his marriage in 1841. I would appreciate confirmation for any of this. John A. Harrison was born abt. 1814 in County Cork "in the seven churches area." His parents were John Harrison and Mary Glendenning. Parents met in Scotland where Mary was the daughter of a wealthy family and John was the stable boy. Her parents didn't approve so they eloped to Ireland. They died while son John was young, possibly died together in an epidemic. Son John was young enough that an uncle was appointed guardian (don't know if paternal or maternal uncle.) Young John studied for the Church of Ireland clergy (don't know if before or after parents' death) but did not complete the studies. There was a falling out with the uncle over money and John emigrated to Canada. He stayed there a couple of years before moving across the border to Oneida County, New York. He worked on a barge on the Erie Canal and married the boss's sister, Eliza/Elizabeth Lindsay on 6 July 1841 in the Episcopal church in Utica, NY. She was born in County Armagh. He fathered 8 children, became a farmer in Oneida County, wife died in 1857 from complications of childbirth. Eventually, John moved to Nebraska with his sons and was a farmer there from 1880 until his death in 1893. Would greatly appreciate any input for any of the legend prior to the 1841 marriage. Thank you.


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