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I've been searching for information about my ancestors James Grady and Catherine/Kate Norris, who lived in George's Street in Mitchelstown and had the following children:

James (1852); Mary (1855); Andrew (1857); Ellen (1860); Catherine (1863); Michael (1866)

While searching, a second Grady/Norris couple popped up - Andrew Grady and Ann (Nancy) Norris - who also lived in George's Street at that time and had these children:

Andrew (1850); Mary (1854); Michael (1856); Lawrence (1859); Catherine (1860); James (1863); John (1865); James (1868)

I know (from the records in the Valuation Office) that these two couples lived practically next door to each other and I know they were sponsors for each other's children. It's tempting to think they were somehow related (and I did find a Catherine and Ann with parents Michael Norris and Ellen Adams, for example) but of course that may not be the case at all.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any information about either Grady/Norris couple, or any of the individuals, that might help to shed some light on the families of James Grady and Catherine Norris. I have access to the records so I'm not looking for detective work (but thank you!). Instead, I'm interested in hearing from anyone who knows anything about where these particular Gradys or these Norrises came from or who their relatives might be.

(As well as posting in the Mitchelstown parish, I'm also posting in the Kildorrery parish as I believe there are Gradys/Norrises there, and also in Cork as there were Andrew (O')Gradys born in the city (one with a link to Geran, which also appears as a sponsor's name for one of Andrew's children...coincidence?).)

Thanks for any help!



Sunday 29th Dec 2019, 10:24PM

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  • Hello, i am a Norris, my father was Norris from Kildorrery.

    marie norris

    Monday 24th Oct 2022, 11:38AM

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