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I'm trying to find connections to my great x3 grandma, Hanora Bies, nee Coleman. 

I believe her parents are John Coleman and Mary Hubbert (alternate spellings: Hubbart, Hubbort, Hubbard).

Hanora was born in Pennsylvania, USA circa Oct 1850, and I was struggling to find anyone before her but with the help of the EPIC museum, I may have found them. We believe she had at least 3 older brothers born in Ireland before the family immigrated.

William Coleman, baptized Jan 8 1846.

Patrick Coleman, baptized Feb 28 1847

Michael Coleman, baptized Sep 22 1848

Addresses listed: Kilcorum, Kilcoran, Ardnason (all in Youghal).

Informants listed: Michael Coleman, Hanora Hubbert, Patrick Hubbart, Bridget Treacy, Patrick Condon, Mary Hubbard


Coleman seems to be a common name in the area, but the variations of Hubbert less so, so if you know of ancestors with that last name in the area of Youghal, please reach out! Or if you think you might be of the same line of Colemans, or even the non Hubbert/Coleman informants :)


Sophia F

Sunday 24th Mar 2024, 07:17PM

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  • Eileen - thank you so much!!!!

    Sophia F

    Sunday 24th Mar 2024, 11:14PM
  • Hi Sophia! I believe your Mary Hubbert might be related to my Simon Hubbert who was also born in Youghal, Cork, Ireland. The ever changing spelling of the last name has made my research super difficult, but my latest theory is that Simon was born in 1813 to Edmond Hubbert/Hobert and Catherine Carthy/McCarthy. He married in 1837 so possibly an older brother or older cousin to your Mary. IDK anything for sure, but would LOVE to share info as this line has baffled me for years!  Looking forward to hearing from you!  Jennifer


    Saturday 18th May 2024, 04:19PM

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