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I am only now posting a message to the Ireland XO page after trying to contact the Aughnish Parish office directly and not hearing back.  My siblings and I are traveling in Donegal and Derry after Boxing Day for a wedding.  We hope to make it Ramelton to seek out our ancestors' home.  Our Great-Great-Great-Grandparents Thomas and Rosa Mulrine left Ramelton approximately Spring of 1826 for the US.  From what we can tell, her parents were John and Margaret McDevitt also of Aughnish.  Both were born approximately 1799.  His brother Edward (b. 1812) married Margaret (nee Sweeny) and came to the US, 20 years later, perhaps.  She had 3 brothers who also came to New York, Edward, Daniel and James.  Their parents were John and Hannah Sweeny.

All are from Ramelton, and from what I can tell, the Parish of Aughnish.  The Griffith's Valution was of no assistance, because I don't know the names of any relatives who remained.  I don't know exactly what we are looking for, but perhaps a better idea of where they lived and what their lives were like.  I understand that many farmers in the area grew flax, but I don't if that pertains to these people.

Any information or assistance would be appreciated.  My e-mail is

Thank you,

Mike Brennan, Fair Haven, New Jersey, USA


Tuesday 17th Dec 2013, 06:26PM

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  • Hi Mike

    The Tithe Applotments (free online) has 10 Mulrines in Donegal - 7 in 1826 & 3 in 1834 (pay site) has 119 borth/baptism records of Mulrines in Donegal - the earliest of them are in 1760 + - 20 years 

    Have a great trip!


    ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 18th Dec 2013, 02:47AM

    Aughnish RC parish records don?t start till 1873 so unfortunately you may not be able to trace your ancestors through that source.

    Ahoghill Antrim

    Wednesday 18th Dec 2013, 05:12AM
  • Thank you for assisting with my request.  We went to Donegal and it was pretty cool.  Didn't find any long-lost relatives, but it was worth it to connect a place to our family history. THX


    Wednesday 15th Jan 2014, 10:58PM

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