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Hi. Please may I ask if anyone can help me with a query about Roman Catholic Churches in North Dublin and also if anyone knows how I can find the following out:

Baptism and Birth of Elizabeth Reilly born 5 March 1875 in Dublin.Parents were Patrick and Mary Costello Reilly {could also be spelt Riley}

Margaret Mary Reilly born 9th June 1879 Dublin.Parents were Patrick and Mary Costello Reilly.

John Christopher Reilly born 21 st December 1876 Parets were Patrick and Mary Costello Reilly.

As far I am let to beleive, they were all baptized at No.2 North City, The City of Dublin, Ireland.

Please does anyone know where the Roman Catholic Church is in No.3 North City ?

Or how I can any information on this family or how I can locate a Marriage for Patrick and Mary?

I beleive its the second marriage of my Great x2 Grandma Mary Costello whos first husband was Edward Costello who was listed as both a Joiner and an RIC policeman.

I would be most gratful for any help or advice, I have spent more than 3 years looking for this side of my family.

Thanks a million

Annette x

Monday 10th Sep 2012, 07:42PM

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  • Hi Annette,


    I've forwarded your query to a volunteer in the area who will hopefully be in touch soon.

    All the best.

    Genealogy support



    Friday 21st Sep 2012, 02:13PM
  • Hi Cynoconnor

    Thank you so much for your very kind message.

    I would be so delighted for any help or advice on this Family....

    I am at a complete loss with regards to as much as a Church for the Baptismal Record I found on Familysearch. After trawling through the internet looking for any information on Roman Catholic Churches in no.3 North City, the City of  Dublin.

    Any help at all will be so gratefully received.


    Thank you so much

    Kind Regards.

    Annette xx

    Friday 21st Sep 2012, 03:04PM
  • There appear to be quite a few Ed (Edward) Costello in the Dublin area, and not all North.


    One with an Edward Costello and a Mary Gavan, with a son Edward born 1898, appears at 42 Queen Street Square

    These types of possibilities show the multiple names, Reilly probably being even more diverse.


    In order to be certain you are looking at the correct individuals, a methodical study of your current data would be required.


    We suggest organizing your information into nice readable charts or text, especially helpful to those not as familiar as you are with your family.


    this will ideally assist all those who might care to look-up clues and possibilities for you, and perhaps give you additional ideas as well.


    We will look into this further if you can provide the itemized details as you know them, and welcome your efforts as you seek your origins in Dublin.


    Your invitation to your other family members to this site might also help compound the readership and interest by working together on this challenge.


    Thank you for your summary.




    St Catherines Dublin

    Friday 9th Nov 2012, 03:58PM

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