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Ulster Historical Fdn has just completed research on my behalf, searching for my William Roulston/Eliza Wray ancestors.  Indicators point to Carricknamanna.  His parents:  William Roulston & Mary Carson.  Her parents:  James Wray & Mary Patterson

William and Eliza were married on 11 Apr 1844 at Carnone Presb Church. Baptism records of of three children, William James in 1844, Mary in 1847 and Eliza Jane in 1848, were confirmed. 

They also noted the baptism records of children of five other Roulston couples in this time period, likely related to my ancestors:

  1. Children of William Roulston and Jane Cochrane:  Catherine (1834), James (1835), Lilly (1838), Matilda (1840) and Cochran (1843).

  2. Children of George Roulston and Fanny Wray:  Mary (1835)

  3. Children of David Roulston and Elizabeth/Fanny Wray:  Robert (1835), John (1837), James (1840), David (1845), Samuel (1849) and Fanny Margaret (1853).

  4. Children of Christopher Roulston and Martha Carson:  Robert (1836)

  5. Children of Johnston Roulston and Martha Kilpatrick:  Eliza Jane (1839)

They also found in the 1911 census of Ireland records of both Wray and Roulston families still living in the townland of Carricknamanna, including a 78-year-old David Roulston, making him born circa 1833 and a similar generation to William Roulston and Eliza Wray.

Would love to hear back from anyone who can connect to these families.

Thank you.




Thursday 28th Mar 2024, 02:32PM

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  • You have obtained great information. There is a Facebook group with strong links to the area of Donegal where the Ulster Historical Foundation advised indicators for your ancestors. A posting similar above could generate responses from people with Roulston family knowledge.  If using Facebook and seek membership to this group you can then post your details or I could make contact with an administrator on your behalf?

    East Donegal Local & Family History

    Let me know if can assist further.

    Marion,  IrelandXO Volunteer ☘


    Whelanmg, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Thursday 28th Mar 2024, 06:29PM

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