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Hello - I am trying to 'map' out all of the McGowan's of Genaboghil - specifically the decendants of James McGowan born circa 1790 - via DNA I am a decendant of his line and I am trying to see how my Great-Grandfather Cornelius McGowan fits into his line.  It appears from Griffiths Valuation that James had a rather large area and as no other "McGowan" is listed for Genaboghil I am surmising that the entire family lived on this plot - 

I believe I have exhausted what is available on line and have created the line on Family Search  (

Are there any local records that can be reviewd?  What would have been the local cemetary where the McGowan (Catholic) line would be burried - is it on line?

I am mainly curious to confirm whether James had a son "Patrick" and whether there is any documents for him.


Thank you!!

Maureen McGowan Vick


Friday 6th May 2022, 09:12PM

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