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I'm looking to discover more information about my 3rd maternal great-grandparents, Cornelius Coughlin (1790-1863) and Mary Coleman (1785-1853).  In particular, I'm looking for info about Cornelius.  His surname might be one of the usual spellings of Coughlan, Coghlin, Coghlan, or Coughlin.  I believe he was born somewhere in County Cork around 1790.  Mary was born in Fermoy, Cork around 1785.

Cornelius and Mary had a son, Timothy Coughlin, who is my 2nd maternal great-grandfather.  Timothy was probably born on Feb. 16, 1821 in Churchtown or Buttevant.  Tim lived in Buttevant until he emigrated to Tipton, IL just outside of St. Louis, Missouri during 1847-1848.  He arrived in the USA on August 25, 1848 after leaving Liverpool, UK on the Ivanhoe.  He was aged 27 at the time of arrival in the USA.

Tim's siblings that were born in County Cork include:

  • William b.1812
  • Thomas b.1815
  • Mary b.1830
  • Maurice b.1832

My family contacted the Mallow Heritage Centre in 1998 with the information above.  While they had no information on Timothy they did find the following for his brother, Thomas:

"Thomas Coughlan and Honora Sullivan were married on January 29, 1839 in the Parish of Buttevant.  The witnessnes to the marriage were named as Cors Coughlan and John Sullivan.  The couple then went on to have a family in the adjoining parish of Churchtown."

If anyone can provide information on the lives of Timothy, Cornelius, or Mary Coughlin (Coleman) in Buttevant I'd greatly appreciate the assistance.

Thank you.


Wednesday 26th Nov 2014, 07:22PM

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  • Hi James, welcome to Ireland Reaching Out, my name is AnneMarie and I am the parish liaison for both Buttevant and Churchtown.

    I do need to advise you that the church records for Buttevant are only available from 1814 onwards for baptism  records and from 1820 onwards for marriage records. For Churchtown this is 1812 for baptisms and  from 1813 onwards for marriage records. Civil registration did not start till 1864 in Ireland

    First of all I like to mention that there are still many Coughlan families living in the two villages, who knows maybe related to you.

    I will do some digging through the archives today and see what I can find for you,



    Anne Marie

    Buttevant Cork

    Thursday 27th Nov 2014, 11:00AM

    James, bad news no records to be found, more then likely the churchbooks from that period are missing or incomplete, probably also the reason why The Mallow Heritage center was only able to find the marriage of Thomas, I was able to find this too but nothing else.

    I had a look at Griffiths valuation for Buttevant and Churchtown and found a record stating that a Timothy Coghlan was a tenant of Mary Coleman, this Timothy lived in Main Street in Buttevant in 1851, so clearly not your Timothy but worth mentioning I think. A Maurice Coghlan was also living in Main Street Buttevant but renting from the Viscount Doneraile

    You can find all 23 Coghlan families living in Buttevant between 1848 and 1864 here

    And the Churchtown Coghlans here


    Hope this helps a little sorry I was not able to find more,

    Anne Marie

    Buttevant Cork

    Thursday 27th Nov 2014, 11:30AM
  • Hi, since you mention Cornelius Coghlan died in 1863, I was wondering if you discovered what happened to him. He went missing in October, 1861 after selling some pigs for 25 pounds. Up to seven people were held during an investigation. I wonder if 1863 was the year he was declared dead or maybe he showed up and later died.

    Jim Coughlin

    Friday 25th Mar 2016, 02:39AM
  • Originally, I thought I posted this in the Buttevant parish board. Not sure why it's here in Kilcar. My apologies. 



    I read the article about Cornelius Coughlan in the October 16, 1861 Cork Examiner. That's not my distant great-great-great grandfather. My Cornelius died in Illinois in 1863. He emigrated to the USA around 1848-1850. I have no record of him returning to Ireland.

    Here is a link to the article:




    Sunday 27th Mar 2016, 02:03AM
  • Ah, got it. Interesting this Cornelius was a pig farmer and a few years later there was another pig farmer mentioned in the same papers based in Buttevant named Tim Coghlan or Coughlan. My great great grandfather Morris Coughlan was from Castlelyons, right next to Fermoy and about 25 miles from Buttevant.
    Good luck.

    Jim Coughlin

    Monday 28th Mar 2016, 07:07PM
  • Jim,

    Interesting. My Cornelius married Mary Coleman who we believe is from Fermoy. I don't have any information about Mary's family in Ireland. I wouldn't be surprised if our Coughlin lines match at some point. 


    Tuesday 29th Mar 2016, 02:23AM

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