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Hi I am trying to trace my 3rd great grandfather James Shannon born aprox 1806. I have managed to trace his son Thomas Shannon ( see other post Thomas Shannon / Jane Lochard ) .

James father possibly John Shannon sr 1780 & brother John Shannon jr 1805 but other ancestry shows James Shannon 1820 ( not sure they have the right sibling as the date of birth is nearer my 3rd Great Grandfather 1806 

Thomas was married twice & both marriage certificates state his fathers name was James. I have had connections on ancestry for James Shannon but they were all born much later ( 1820 - 1904 ) & I cannot find the connection to my 2nd Great Grandfather Thomas. 

There is also a connection to Thomas Shannon Born Milngavie Dumbartonshire, my late father said he had an old aunt Agnes Shannon who had a shop in 

Gallowgate Glasgow & an old uncle who was from Milngavie. I have managed to trace them but again cannot make the connection to my father William Shannon Born 1925.

I am also looking for more information for my 2nd great grandmother Jane Lochard 1832 aprox - 1902   Have marriage cert Killaghtee 1860 to Thomas Shannon & death cert 1902 Rossilly

Thank You In Advance





Thursday 28th Mar 2024, 03:23PM

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  • Volunteers:

    Here is the 2021 message related to this family


    Maybe another volunteer will have more success. I was not able to find any new info on James Shannon on Jane Lochard.

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 28th Mar 2024, 05:57PM
  • There was also a Margaret Shannon, b. 1869.


    Name:Margaret Shannon


      Registration Date:01-Oct-1869




    CountyCo. Donegal

    Denomination:Civil Record

    Father:Thomas Shannon

    Mother:Jane Lockard

    Source: RootsIreland


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    Informant 1:Thomas Shannon
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    Informant 2:



    Thursday 28th Mar 2024, 06:31PM
  • Hi Roger, Patricia,  thank you both. The post 2021 was actually myself. I've just come to a standstill again with James Shannon & Jane Lochard.

    I don't have any early information on Jane Lochard or Thomas Shannon but I believe Lochard surname is French, from what I can see. 


    Ursula Shannon


    Sunday 31st Mar 2024, 02:27PM
  • Urusula,

    FamilySearch gives the following about Lochard:

    Lockhard Name Meaning

    Scottish and English: nickname from Old French locart, a Normanno-Picard form of Old French lo(s)chart ‘one who squints, who is cross-eyed’, attested in 13th- and 14th-century Arras (Pas-de-Calais) as LouchardLochardLocard and Locart. It is a derivative of Latin luscus ‘one-eyed’. In France Locard is mostly found in Normandy (especially Calvados) c. 1900, while Louchart is mainly concentrated in Pas-de-Calais at the same time.


    Monday 1st Apr 2024, 02:54PM
  • Hi Patricia, thank you very much for the information on Lochard, very interesting. 




    Monday 1st Apr 2024, 09:55PM

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