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Hi, my name is Randy and I'm searching for more info on two of my mother's family's that came from Donegal county. Robert and Mary (Mitchell) McCarter left Ireland in 1803 and settled in Pa, USA. They had a son Michael in 1795 but I'm guessing he died in Ireland as there are no records of him in the USA. On the way to America, a son John was born and it's his baptism records that have given me most of my info. It states that Robert's father was a John or James and was from the Carrigan region. They were Presbyterian. The Flax records do record a Robert in1796. Are there any other records I can check to find out more??   The second is the Rhea/Rea family. From online sources, Im looking for a John and Jannett (Ewing) Rhea from around the Drumore area. They left Ireland in mid 1700's. Their son John was born in Little Britain, Pa around 1763. I'm trying to see if there are any Presbyterian church records in the USA but so far I haven't found any. I did find a Reverend Rhea from Donegal county but if he's related he must be a cousin. Any hints or helps???  Here again a marriage record would be most helpful.  Thanks

Randall Colopy

Sunday 3rd Mar 2024, 09:13PM

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  • Hi Randy -

    Unfortunately, I don't think you will find the records you seek.  Attached is a copy of the records available from (a paid site) for County Donegal.  There is a parish named Carrigart in the list, but records for Presbyterian parishes don't start until 1844 for baptisms, 1846 for marriages and there are no burial records. Does this list give you any additional information that would be helpful?  Please let me know

    Can I assume that the Rhea/Rea family is also from County Donegal and Presbyterian? 

    The records from are not absolutely complete, but I am not finding anything in additional sources.   

    Please let me know if I can be of additional assistance.  

    Marsha, XOVolunteer

    Search Donegal Ancestry records online - Records provided by Donegal Ancestry CLG & Irish Family History Foundation.pdf

    Marsha, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Wednesday 6th Mar 2024, 04:14PM
  • Randy

    Unfortunately, departures are too early for records. 

    Mandy's search did not produce Carrigan Presbyterian church as no church in the village. Here adding some more detail on the area, there are 2 others in the vicinity, Monreagh, and St Johnston. Monreagh is the oldest Presbyterian church in Donegal dating back to 1644 but it does not hold early records.

    At Monreagh which is close to Carrigans, there is the Ulster-Scots centre, where the history of the 17th century Scottish settlers and their voyages to ‘New World’ America can be explored.  After the plantation of Ulster this area of Donegal which is often referred to as the Laggan was mainly settled by Scots  While not a genealogy centre it holds a selection of early local historical records. I would suggest making contact in regard to Rev. Joseph Rhea as he would have been a prominent person in the locality.

    A message for their office can be logged online.

    I found that they have a Youtube video on a Rev.Joseph Rhea.

    In Donegal, there are many Dromore's. Do you have any other location details? If you believe that the Rheas were also living near Carrigans, in this vicinity there is a "Dunmore"

    For East Donegal and the Laggan Valley, an excellent contact could be the below Facebook group:

    East Donegal Local and Family History:

    I looked up the flax records also, the Robert here is indicated as Conwal, this is an area around Letterkenny and some distance from Carrigans, The surname McCarter is listed 3 times with one being a James in Tempelmore which would be closer to Carrigans. .

    Hoping the above will assist. 

    Best Regards,

    Marion, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎ 




    Whelanmg, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Wednesday 6th Mar 2024, 11:55PM

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