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We will be traveling to Ireland this fall and will visit Ardara, the birthplace of ancestor Thomas Roberson Devitt.  We know he was born in Ardara in 1826, exact date unknown, married Catharine, maiden name unknown.  1870 US census records show the two living in Indiana then.  Want to know more about Thomas' exact birthdate, place, time in Ireland, info about his wife, etc.  Thanks for your help.

Carolyn Bunting 

Friday 30th Aug 2013, 11:06PM

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  • I assume that the family were RC. The births and marriages were long before the start of statutory registration of births and of RC marriages in Ireland (1864) and so normally you would have to rely on church records for earlier events. However in this case the RC parish of Ardara has no records earlier than 1867 so you may struggle to find any information on this family.

    This links shows you which parish records exist and where copies are held:

    Births, deaths and marriages in and around Ardara would be registered in Glenties. I searched the civil indexes for births & deaths registered in Glenties 1864 ? 1900, but didn?t find any at all. The name is found elsewhere in Donegal (there?s 226 of them in the 1901 census) but not in the Ardara area.

    Ahoghill Antrim

    Saturday 31st Aug 2013, 11:41AM
  • HI Carolyn,

    You should contact the Ardara website.  They are very helpful and may be able to point you in the direction of some people you could talk to about your family.  The website address is

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards,


    Tuesday 10th Sep 2013, 10:30AM

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