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Hi my name is John, recently I came across this website when searching for family history. My gran is a McGinty and 1of 5 children who's dad's name is John McGinty from (Gortiness), my (great grandad) who had a brother called Patrick, a sister Mary, who's dad was also called John McGinty (Shane) who were tenant farmer's in Gortiness, my G/grandad was born in Aproximatly 1864. His wifes my G/grandmother called Margaret Gallon or Gallen, was born 15th July 1865 in Cloghan, and married john McGinty on 4th June 1896, at Kilteevoge RC Margaret Gallon's dad was Thomas Gallon a farmer & tailor, and Margaret had a sister called Mary also. As soon as my grand parents were married they left for a new life in Glasgow Maryhill and had 5 children. My grans older brother, Thomas Mcginty married Roseanne Slevin who came from Cloghan also, in Glasgow on 1916. I would realy like to make contact with any of my related McGintys and Gallon family from the present, and if I could get advice on how to obtain copies of my great grandparents birth and marriage certificates. Best wishes, John Cowan Ps, my email is

John cowan

Sunday 24th Jun 2018, 02:08AM

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  • Hi John

    Welcome to the site

    Here is the only Gortines John McGinty birth record c 1864 from
    Name:John McGintyDate of Birth:08-Mar-1865
    Registration Date:
    Address:GortinessParish/District:CLOGHANGender:MaleCountyCo. Donegal
    Denomination:Civil Record
    Father:John McGintyMother:Margaret Langan

    Certificates can be purchased through the Government Register Office (

    I have forwarded the McGinty & Gallon phone book entries to your email as we are not permitted to post them here



    ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 24th Jun 2018, 03:36AM
  • P S My email bounced back - I tried twice but no luck


    ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 24th Jun 2018, 04:03AM
  • John: (Civil Records TAB) is a free site which bas images of civil records: births 1864-1916 marriages 1870-1941 deaths 1878-1966  I located the record for John McGinty that Col located on Roots Ireland, Margaret's record was actually in 1866 and the 1896 marriage record. If you are pursuing Irish citizenship then the certs are needed and you need to go to the site that Col provided. If you just wanted to see the records there are online for free.

    Roger McDonnell………

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 24th Jun 2018, 01:10PM
  • Hi Roger
    Thanks for your help, I was getting a few brick walls with my internet search information.

    I started the family history search mainly because of my mother, long story short she didn't know where her mum was buried and she is getting on herself and my mum's, mum died when she was a young girl herself.

    I managed to find her grave information which listed 4 other people in the same lair ( Slevin & McGinty) and quriosity took over.

    Cols info was spot on as I had John Mcgintys mother's name (Margaret Langan) which in his death cert is Margaret Linging which will be an accent thing.

    Unfortunately my grand parents didn't live past 50 and left 4 children between the age of 13 to 7 who were taken into care.

    I feel I have to bring my mother over to Gortienes to spend some time there, plus I will be looking into getting dual nationality as my kids are involved now and very proud of their Gortienes and Cloghan ancestors.

    Best wishes and hope you keep in touch

    John Cowan

    John cowan

    Sunday 24th Jun 2018, 02:42PM

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