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Hi.  I'm Dana - I'm going to be traveling to Ireland in June of this year so I thought I'd reach out and see if there might be some folks who can point me to places to visit while in Donegal and Tyrone - my mother's father's side of the family is from Donegal and my mother's grandmother is from Cookstown, Tyrone.  Thanks for the help in advance!!


  • Patrick Cannon - born on October 3, 1881, in Ardbane, Rosguill, Donegal, Ireland, to Mary McClafferty, age 41, and John Cannon, age 45.
  • He had 7 siblings, all born n the same location - Daniel, Cornelius, Fanny, Brian (Bernard), Hugh, Grace and Frances
  • Patrick migrated to and from Ireland to the US what looks like 2-3 times and he married my great grandmother, Bridget Mullin (more on her below - but may need a different board I think).
  • Daniel married Grace McFadden in 1901. 
  • Cornelius married Mary McDermott (in Philadelphia, PA) in 1902
  • I cannot find much on Fanny and wonder if she died young
  • I cannot find much on Brian either but I did find he migrated to the US in Sept 1910
  • I cannot find much on Hugh either but it appears he stayed in Ireland and passed in Oct 1964 in Doagh, Donegal, Ireland
  • Grace married James Logue (1877–1961), 23 Feb 1911 in Carrigart, Rosguill Parish, Donegal, Ireland.  They had 5 children - Grace, John, James, Mary and Patrick (I have dates for them on my tree but will save space here)
  • Frances married James Shields (1888–1958) on 24 Dec 1914 at Mevagh Chapel.  They had 9 children - Hugh, Mary, Catherine, Sean, Grace, Veronica, Agnes, Annie and James. 


  • Bridget Mullin was born on June 7, 1887, in Cookstown, Tyrone, Northern Ireland, her father, James Mullin (1851-192), and her mother, Mary Anne McNamee (, was 31. She had one daughter from one relationship. She then married Patrick Cannon and they had six children together. She died on July 17, 1978, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at the age of 91.
  • She had 7 siblings - John, James, Nettie, Anna, Edward, Lena and Mary - but things are kind of murky.  Going to do more research - but if there is a board for this region I'll happily check there. 


Monday 15th Jan 2024, 08:56PM

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  • Dana,

    If you are visiting Ireland you might like to take the opportunity of meeting somebody from the area of your ancestors, if someone is available. If you fill out the Meet and Greet request form at this link it would be a good start.

    Best wishes, Kieran

    Kieran Jordan, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 18th Jan 2024, 01:31PM
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    I have been studying your information, I was able to view your tree on I am impressed, you already have a great deal of family information.  I will look for other links to the area.

    The locations given for your Donegal families are all close together around the Rosguill peninsula which roughly matches the area of the church parish of Mevagh.  I have attached a map where have marked some locations which you mentioned, from Carrigart to Doagh is only 17km. When I have studied all in more detail, I will add localized information. The surnames given are all common in this area.  It is not far from my home, and I could also meet you when in Donegal.

    You will be visiting a beautiful part of Donegal, below is a list of some tourism sites though you may have already located some when organising your holiday.

     Sites with some specific information on the area.

    You can then enter specific locations.

    A general guide:

    A specific site to area.

    For the suggested best sites in county, Rosguill is not mentioned but believe it should also be included. Fanad Lighthouse is the nearest location from the list.

    Your request has been added to the County Tyrone parish of Derryloran which covers Cookstown.

    Best Regards



    Whelanmg, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Friday 19th Jan 2024, 11:45PM
  • Thank you all so much for the feedback and information.  I'm winding my way through it all now :) 


    Friday 16th Feb 2024, 04:24PM
  • Dana

    Hoping will enjoy your time in Donegal, In recent weeks unfortunately little time but hoping after the coming week life will return to normal for me, I will be sending you an update..

    Best Regards,


    Whelanmg, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Saturday 17th Feb 2024, 06:59PM
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    Looked further at identifying family location. Griffith’s valuation of 1858 is online, as the family departed some years latter to check further, I visited the Valuation office in Dublin, and it is hoped that the revision books that are held in this office will go online next year.

    Griffiths link

    My search was for the location Ardbane, within Donegal, Barony: Kilmacrenan, Union:Millford, Parish: Mevagh

    The map view has a slider which allows change from early original to modern and change to Satellite view (at left). It also allows select different versions (here version 1 is a definite best).

    The attached link gives details on reading the valuation.

    Below has details on the Revision books:

    For details on North Donegal in the 1800s the book listed below is Fanad based, adjoining, and a very similar area to Mevagh/Rosguill. It is possible to obtain a Kindle version.

    The Outer Edge of Ulster: A Memoir of Social Life in Nineteenth-Century Donegal 

    by Hugh Dorian (Author), Breandán Mac Suibhne (Author), Hugh Dorain (Editor)  

    I attach a spreadsheet I pasted from Griffiths and then when visiting Dublin I looked at latter revision book versions, some movements are difficult to decipher. I attach a copy of some extract details from early revision books  -1858-1938 and noted where the Cannon/McClafferty surnames were found in the final book, This information was kept for collecting rates which were abolished for householders/farms in 1978. There can be ownership changes that were never recorded also there can be some years of delay before a name was changed.

    Here figure that your grandfather’s sister Susan took over land and house in plot 1 which at Griffiths was held by Denis Woolhare. After she died in 1915, it was taken over by John, and change was noted in 1917, at the census in 1911 listed as her nephew and appeared the son of another brother Hugh. The latest detail has ownership as being Willie Gallagher. There are other Cannon entries, linking to Anabella's entry, the James Cannon who was married to Annie Duffy has a father on the marriage certificate as Denis (maybe brother Bernard/Bryan). Nancy is often used for Annie. The link below to the wedding certificate, living Ardbane, his age given as 50 in 1865. Age in this period is often a guess.…

    and death at 88 in 1908, daughter Annie in attendance.,

    6c Michael Cannon, When I did a lookup for his wedding certificate, father is shown as Eugene Cannon, Ardbane, His marriage to Mary McCafferty, Kilcar, her father John and on the same day I saw that John Cannon from your line married Mary McCafferty, Ardbane, her father Neal.

    Both marriages on the one page in Irish Genealogy:

    Marriages were just before lent which was a popular option.

    6e Bryan Cannon where a house in progress is noted, this forename is often used for Bernard or Barney.

    8d Neal McClafferty, the final entry for Ardbane always has a McClafferty listed.

    I attach maps where have highlighted family. I will research further.

    Fanny I believe died as a child, this is normally a form of Frances, and names often re-used after a family death.

    I found a local newspaper entry that mentioned the death of your father in 1982, offering sympathy to his sister Grace Logue, and brother Hugdie. When searched found a latter death for Hugh than listed on your site. I have attached a link,  

    I inquired and was advised that he was admitted in 1967, and a nephew John Logue from Screen which is near Kilmacrenan was given as next of kin, I will look further for his grave.

    I also found details on another site of his life in Dooey which will research further.

    Mevagh/Rosguill has many Cannons and McClaffertys, I concentrated on Ardbane, sometimes families had holdings in more than one townland.

    I hope may meet you when in Ireland, if would like to arrange just input a request below, you can keep details to a minimum and refer to this message request. 

    Best Regards

    Marion - IrelandXO,  Ireland Reaching Out Volunteer ☘


    Whelanmg, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Saturday 9th Mar 2024, 07:34PM

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