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My Stewart family lived in High Glen, which was part of Glen Upper.  John Stewart Sr. was still living here in 1850, but would have been older by then.(Maybe born in the late 1780's) His children were David, John, Margaret, Jane, Susanna and Fanny, all born between 1805 and 1825. We would like to know  the name of John Sr's wife.  David and John Jr. stayed in High Glen and were grain dealers in Ramelton. Margaret married James Hamilton who was a farmer in High Glen. Jane, Susanna and Fanny all went to America. Would there be anyone who might know the history of this family?  We would also like to find out when they came to Ireland from Scotland!!  They were Presbyterian and I have found some records at the Ramelton Pres. Church.

The other family is the Clarks and we think they may have also been from High Glen, but we don't have as much information about them. James Clark was born on 17 March 1836 to a John Clark and Fanny Stewart (different Fanny from the one above.) We think they left for America about 1843.

Thank you for having this site!

Karin Culter

Colorado, USA




Sunday 20th Apr 2014, 04:31AM

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