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 My great-grandmother Elizabeth (Bessie) Rickaby was born on 17th May 1856. She was in Glasgow, Scotland by 1878 where she married my Great Grandfather (Francis O’Neil) on the 14th June of that year (both were Roman Catholic).

Her parents were Thomas James and Hannah Rickaby (nee Toner). Elisabeth had 2 older siblings, Sarah and William. I cannot find a Death date for Thomas who was a farm labourer.

William and his mum were caught stealing and both were sent to Kilmainham Gao. William was also further sentenced to 5 years in St. Kevin's Reformatory School.

She had two spells in the Rathdown Union Workhouse – (her occupation was stated as a Cook)

admitted 1890-03-27 - Discharge 1898-02-17

Admitted 1906-11-14 - She died in the workhouse on 4th November 1908

 I Live in Glasgow, Scotland. I have found the above information about my great-grandmother and her family. Can anyone suggest if it is worth my time to visit Dublin + Booterstown to find more information and, if so, any recommendation on where I should start looking? Also can anyone add more information to what I have so far.

I have searched the Griffiths Valuation, 1901 and 1911 Censuses. I have marriage certificates for James+Hannah, Sarah+Joseph and the record of marriage from Scottish Catholic Archives for  James and Elizabeth. I also have used Ancestry and My Heritage web site.


Monday 22nd Jan 2024, 09:44PM

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  • Hello Booterstown,

    There is a few different Spellings of your Ancestors Names but I believe what I found is some of your Family Tree. I have Copies of some of the information and if you are interested I will send Copies to you.   My E-mail address is 

    Roots Ireland, ScotlandsPeople, FamilySearch, FindMyPast and MyHeritage are Sites that you can check for information.

    There was Twins Born 7th November 1858 and Baptised on the 9th November 1858 to a Thomas Rickaby and Hannah Toler: Patrick Rickaby and Catherine Rickaby.  Parish of Booterstown, Blackrock & Dundrum, County Dublin (Denomination Roman Catholic) Sponsors John Laverty and Anne Costello (Father was Protestant)

    I Come from Partick, Glasgow and now live in Canada.

    All the Best

    Peter C.


    Tuesday 23rd Jan 2024, 03:56PM
  • I came across this death certificate for William Rickaby of 73 Bootherstown Avenue, Donnybrook, Dublin. He died 20/4/1889 in City of Dublin Hospital at the age of 20 years from heart disease…

    If you try the website  ( It is a free site) , there are many listings for Rickaby


    Wednesday 24th Jan 2024, 10:55PM
  • Hello,

    This might be some of the Family members you are looking for: 

    Elizabeth Rickaby Birth 17th May 1856 Baptism 1st June 1856 Booterstown, Blackrock and Dunn, County Dublin (Denomination Roman Catholic)
    Father Thomas Rigaby  Mother Hannah Toler (As Spelt)
    Witnesses Nicholas Murner and Catherine Toher (As Spelt)
    (Notes)The Father was Protestant 
    (Roots Ireland Site and the Irish Genealogy Site)

    Catherine Rickaby Birth 7th November 1858 Baptism 9th November 1858 Booterstown, Blackrock and Dunn, County Dublin (Denomination Roman Catholic)
    Father Thomas Rigaby  Mother Hannah Toler (As Spelt)
    Witnesses John Laverty and Ann Costello
    (Notes) Mother and Protestant Father (Twin see Patrick 298)

    Patrick Rickaby Baptism 9th November 1858 Booterstown, Blackrock and Dunn, County Dublin (Denomination Roman Catholic)
    Father Thomas Rigaby  Mother Hannah Toler (As Spelt)
    Witnesses John Dempsey and Catherine Toler
    (Notes Father Protestant Mother Catholic (Wein see Catherine 299)
    (Roots Ireland Site and Irish Genealogy Site)

    Thomas Rigaby Married Hannah Toner (As Spelt) 3rd December 1849 St Nicholas of Myra, Dublin, County Dublin

    All the Best

    Peter C.


    Friday 26th Jan 2024, 10:04AM
  • Hello Again,

    There is an Ian O'Neil on the MyHeritage Site and I believe that He has information regarding Your Great Grandmother Elizabeth Rickaby and Francis O'Neil.
    I Checked his Site and most of His information is on the O'Neil Side of the Tree. (Looks Promising)

    Sarah Ricaby Baptism 3rd November 1850 Booterstown, Blackrock and Dundrum, County Dublin
    Father Thomas Ricaby  Mother Hannah (Not Recorded)
    Sponsor Sarah Toner 
    Roots Ireland Site and Irish Genealogy Site

    William Ricaby Baptism 27th August 1853 Booterstown, Blackrock and Dundrum, County Dublin
    Father Thomas Ricaby Mother Hannah (Not Recorded)
    Sponsors John Brown and Susan Goggin
    Roots Ireland Site and Irish Genealogy Site

    Names are as Spelt on the Roots Ireland Site

    All the Best

    Peter C.



    Friday 26th Jan 2024, 11:49AM
  • Hi

    Perhaps this is information that you are aware of already

    I am fairly certain that I have located your Gt Gt Grandmother Hannah's grave in Deansgrange cemetery. Her date of death was 1906, not 1908. The ink in the original handwritten document was a bit smudged which lead to the error. Details: Anna Rickaby, Date of Death Nov 4th 1906, Date of burial Nov 6th 1906. Plot West/X1/14.

    Hannah was originally from Kilcoole in Wicklow as per her Kilmainham record

    I did visit yesterday, but was unable to locate the grave, I will pop over next week and try again - likely there will not be a headstone. I have located her death cert and her Loughlinstown/Rathdown workhouse records which all match.

    I have been unable to locate a death cert for Thomas, your Great Great Grandfather, or any evidence of his elopement.  I have located a lot of family history and documents including two family graves for family of James Rickaby 1836-1899, Merrion Ave, then moved to 63, Booterstown Ave. Rickabys from Booterstown are in the main shoe makers/repairers. Do you know of any brothers that Thomas may have had?

    Hannah Rickaby Death Cert 1906 Loughlinstown Workhouse.pdf

    Very hard times,in particular if you were a woman without a husband to support you. My sister and I were unable to trace out Gt Gt Grandfather, and discovered he left his family and relocated and married again in US, while his wife remained in Ireland alive with children. My sister discovered this by going down DNA route. My Gt Gt Grandmother is also in a common grave in Glasnevin. Perhaps they agreed to separate, we will never know!







    Mary, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Saturday 27th Jan 2024, 05:42PM
  • Hello Glasgow

    I have revisited Deansgrange Cemetery Office, viewed the original data plus visited grave for Anna Rickaby, date of death 4/11/1906, Loughlinstown/Rathdown Workhouse.

    Unfortunately, as I expected there is no headstone, but the grave is in a quiet, peaceful setting.

    If you would like a photo, I can be contacted at








    M Jones

    Thursday 1st Feb 2024, 12:42PM

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