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Peter, Edward and John Patrick all joined the British Army from the Hibernian Military School in Dublin.  I believe based on army payroll records that their father Patrick Gavin also joined the British Army.   Peter joined the army in 1811 in Gibraltar. Edward and John Patrick were born in Nenagh, Tipperary and were also at the Hibernian Military School as children before joining the army in 1818 per their British military records. I am currently trying to find out any more info that might be listed for Edward and John Patrick under the school, but haven't had any luck. I don't know if they kept copies of the school records in Ireland at all?


Saturday 5th Nov 2022, 09:59PM

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  • Hi Kristine, I have been asked to look at previously unanswered queries on the site and must admit I was not aware of this school, I see on Wikipedia that it closed in 1922 are the War of Independence and moved location to another school in England and in all probability the records were transferred there or to Kew London where a lot of other records were sent. The Wiki page is here Other site to look at or send a query too are the National Library or Archives in Dublin and the Dublin City library, Pearse Street branch.

    There is a subscription site here, about £10 a month so a month is fairly cheap or Ancestry carry Military records for the UK also. 

    Hope this assists


    Pat O Holloran, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Thursday 28th Dec 2023, 11:09PM
  • Hi Pat.

    I really appreciate your response.  I think I already looked at this these records throughthe Kew and they were too late for my ancestors, but will definitely check again.  Thanks! Kristine


    Sunday 31st Dec 2023, 05:28PM

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