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Birth of a John Goodwin 24th November 1914 In Rotunda Dublin               .      .Father John Goodwin Mother Kate Gunn

in the last column it reads. Baptismal name if added after registration of date of birth. Patrick Ronald Goodwin 19 September 1974. On Find A Grave I found a death for Patrick Ronald Goodwin 12 July 1974. 
could this be the same man.

Am I right in thinking the name John was used to register the birth then changed? If this is the case how do the dates match up. This has got me confused any help would be appreciated. Thank you.



Friday 1st Mar 2024, 01:20PM

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  • I checked on the site and it appears the baby was registered as Patrick, copy of entry but unfortunately certificate is not available.



    Friday 1st Mar 2024, 07:40PM
  • Barlykins,

    Could this person be the Patrick Ronald you are enquiring about?

    You will need to get the marriage certificate in the Dublin office.

    There is a possibility that the person filling out the birth record in the Rotunda made a mistake.

    I have checked Subscription site for this birth with negative results. The family could have been Church of Ireland.



    Friday 1st Mar 2024, 07:43PM
  • I found a marriage certificate for a Patrick Ronald Goodwin , clerk, address 8 Iona Drive, son of John Goodwin , a farmer. 24/07/1945 His spouse is Margaret Byrne of 14, Northbrook Road, daughter of Patrick Byrne an auctioneer.



    Friday 1st Mar 2024, 07:53PM
  • I found a birth record for Rose Goodwin (Note the witness to the marriage above) It appears she is Patrick's sibling.



    Friday 1st Mar 2024, 08:02PM
  • Thank you all for your help, I have lots of records for the Goodwin family I am researching it was just this one that had me stumped. 
    I think the answer might be that a mistake was made and the father’s name John was inserted in error as the name of the child. 


    Saturday 2nd Mar 2024, 08:56AM

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