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Looking for info. I have family originating from Clontuskert. I visited last month for a few days from England. My grandmother was Elizabeth Colohan born 22 May 1906 and died 5 Jan 1997 in Loughrea. Her supposed husband was a Thomas Williams, I have no information about him at all. I assume they were married 1926/1927 as my mother Mary Williams was born 12 March 1928 in Chelsea, London. She never met her father as he supposedly died before she was born. If you can help at all I would appreciate it as I have no one left to ask and it’s a mystery. I may even have a family from my maternal grandfather somewhere.


Thursday 28th Apr 2022, 07:16AM

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  • Jaycee,

    There are "Colohan" and "Calahan" in that area of County Galway. Do you know the names of Elizabeth's parents and if she had siblings?

    There is a record of a Thomas Williams in Swansea in 1918. Recorded as absent without leave from his ship.

    His native place recorded as Galway, possibly Gort area.

    Source: - Subscription site

    The following are free sites: Civil records  -  and  1901 Irish census




    Thursday 28th Apr 2022, 12:22PM
  • Jaysee,

    Reference in previous Post in relation to a Thomas William in Swansea in 1918, this is an error in transcription. The original entry relates to a nephew of his who was a Boy Cook and who arrested in Galway and handed over to the Naval Service.




    Thursday 28th Apr 2022, 04:40PM


    My grandmother was one of 11 or possibly 12. Thomas b 1900,  William b 1901,  Margaret b 1902, John, b 1905, Mary b 1904 Ellen c1910,  John, b 1915  James. b 1914, Catherine b 1913 (Kitty Quinn), Louisa (Lucy Lyons), b1908. 
    Her parents were John Colohan b 1863 and Louisa Carey c1875 in Tipperary her surname can also be in some places) 

    John's parents were Thomas c 1825 and Bridget (Madden) 1845  

    Louisa Carey parents were William Carry c1856 and Elizabeth Carry (Farrell) c1853  

    Hope that helps  




    Friday 29th Apr 2022, 11:47AM
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    Civil marriage record for John Colohan and Louisa Carry show that they married in Clontuskert R.C. Church on February 12th 1899. Witnesses: Martin Colohan and Maggie Carry.

    John is recorded as Garraveen and Louisa as Cloonascragh?. Both recorded as 22 years of age. 1901 and 1911 Irish census records both. 1911 census records 8 children having been born alive, with one death.

    With so many siblings, it is unfortunate that there is not more information on Elizabeth.

    Credit: and - Free sites



    Saturday 30th Apr 2022, 02:51PM
  • Thank you anyway for searching. I can't find much at all. 



    Joan Capon 




    Sunday 1st May 2022, 11:57AM
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    Hi Jaycee, My name is Brid Lyons from Clontuskert. I saw your post and was interested because my great grandmother was a Colohan. Her name was Brigid (born in 1863)  and both her brother and father were also called Martin, the same as the witness on your relatives wedding cert. I don't have that side of my family tree properly traced out yet but I am working on it.

    One thing I noticed is there is a mistake in the address for John Colohan, that should probably read as Ganaveen not Garraveen.Check out the Clontuskert heritage website - it has a map of Clontuskert here -

    If I find out any more on the Colohans which are very numerous around Clontuskert and Lawrencetown, I will let you know.


    Brid Lyons.

    PS, I've also attached the small amount I know so far only side of the Colohans


    Wednesday 28th Sep 2022, 10:45AM
  • Hello,

    Elizabeth Colohan was the daughter of Louisa Carry and John Colohan they lived in Ballyamanagh Clontuskert she was one of about thirteen children. Carry is a name in my family related to my brother in law by marriage. Elizabeth married Thomas Williams in 1927 and their children were John and Mary. She died in Loughrea 1997 Jan 5th.     Only info On Thomas he was born in Wales 1903 

    That is all I know but if I can look for more information please let me know.


    Helena Brennan-Harris.







    Friday 16th Jun 2023, 11:55PM
  • Hi Helena. 
    Thanks for info. I put the info about Thomas Williams my maternal grandfather details as I assumed my grandmother Elizabeth met him in London and married although I can’t find a marriage certificate. Their daughter Mary Elizabeth my mother was born in Chelsea March 12 1928 when my nan was in the workhouse. I assume my grandfather would have been born in Wales but I’m not so sure now. I arrived at my nans the day after she died. 



    Saturday 17th Jun 2023, 03:29PM
  • Hello Jo,

    I saw on My Heritage that Thomas was born in Wales in 1903.

    I will see if I can find a marriage between them in Ireland. Their is many Colohan families in Galway area. My mother was related to Colohan in Clontuskert and I was born there too.

    That is sad that you didn’t see your Grandmother before she died. I will keep looking for you among the families.





    Sunday 18th Jun 2023, 01:26AM
  • Hi Helena

    I guess we must be related? I would be very interested if you find a link between my grandmother and my grandfather. My grandmother never spoke of him and my mother always told me that she was told that he died whilst Nan was expecting her. After my mum died I found online a birth certificate for a John Patrick Williams born in London in 1930 with mothers maiden name Colohan so I assume she had a son too. 
    My Nan was in the nursing home/hospital in Loughrea but although old she wasn’t expected to die, it was a shock but I got the first plane out of Heathrow I could to be there. I sat with her coffin when it was placed in the church in Clontuskert the day before her funeral in the Abbey. 
    I was in Ballinasloe 18 months ago and stayed at stayed at the Shearwater. I hope to get back again soon. 
    Thank you. 


    Sunday 18th Jun 2023, 03:17PM
  • Hopefully you’ll find Elizabeth Agnes Colohan (Williams) born 22 May 1906 died 5 January 1997. Her daughter Mary Elizabeth Joan Williams born 12 Mar 1928 ( married Philip Herbert Dallibar and widowed in 1969) remarried Feb 1972 to Patrick Joseph Foley of Laurencetown. Mum died 29 Mar 1995.Her daughter (me) Joan Elizabeth Mary Dallibar born 12 December 1960 
    You should find me on Ancestry or My Heritage. 
    bye for now 

    ps I remember the Brennan name in Ballinasloe but can’t remember why! 


    Sunday 18th Jun 2023, 03:24PM
  • Brid,

    In Griffith's Valuations the townland is recorded as "Gannaveen" in the Civil parish of Clontuskert.



    Sunday 18th Jun 2023, 05:34PM
  • Hello again,

    I found a birth of John P Williams 1930 to Colohan in Paddington London. This is mentioned in the Colohan/Carry tree that I have as well as well as his sister.

    i also sent a message to you in My Heritage last night.

    My father was a Brennan from Ballinasloe also my family and yours are buried in Clontuskert Abbey and I lived just along the road from there.               My Mother is a descendant from Colohan but I have not made her connection yet.

    I hope  this helps.






    Monday 19th Jun 2023, 02:11PM
  • Hello Joan,

    I now have the Colohan family tree attached to mine and I can email it to you if you would like it. Just let me have your email address.

    you have a large amount of relatives to see. 





    Thursday 12th Oct 2023, 04:17PM
  • Thank you Helena. I would love to see what you have found as I think I have mixed up some of the Colohans. With regard to my grandmother Elizabeth Agnes Colohan marrying Thomas Williams I only put a circa year of birth as 1903 as assumed he’d be older than her. I have no info for him so I always feel I have a massive part of my heritage missing. 
    my email address is jo_capon@


    Friday 13th Oct 2023, 12:57PM

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