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I wonder if anyone can give any corresponding townland name (or coordinates!) to Kilrush parish of 1836 that was located in Loughrea, Galway. I came across a 1906 record citing Kilrush, Loughrea or Kilrush, Newgrove, Loughrea as someone's residence on marriage.

The only source I could find was on "" at with a line confirming it existed in 1836. Unfortunately, the author of that blog is uncontactable, so I'm wonder if someone could through some light on it.

The marriage source containing this place name is under the Connaughton/Irwind marriage record of 1906 here at:…

any help with this will be gratefully received - thanks.




Tuesday 12th Dec 2023, 06:23AM

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  • Tony,

    This record appears to be by Jean Lyons.

    If you contact the Archivist in Galway cathedral, you may get some information. It could relate to Loughree islands.

    There is a record for "Fair Isle" with the postal district as Outerarde. This is the parish of Killannin which stretched from Lettermore to Lough Corrib.





    Tuesday 12th Dec 2023, 05:07PM
  • Attached Files

    Further information re "Kilrush - Loughrea".

    John Connaughton married Mary Anne Irwin in Cappatagal on January 11th 1906.

    Mary Anne is recorded as "Newgrove - Kilrush" and John as "Kilrush.

    It would appear that the townland of Newgrove is in the Civil parish of Killian-Kilconnell.

    The 1901 or 1911 Irish census does not appear to have the surname Connaughton or Irwin.




    Tuesday 12th Dec 2023, 06:06PM
  • Tony.

    I attach detail of the townland of Newgrove in the Civil parish of Kilreekil - Barony of Leitrim - Co. Galway.

    The attached 1901 census record, confirms details of the marriage between John Connaughton and Mary Anne Irwin in Cappataggle.

    The townland of (Cappataggle) (Cappatagal) is in the parish of Killallaghtan in the Baronyof Kilconnell.

    It would appear that John Connaughton was from the parish of Killaan/Kilconnell.

    Is there an error in transcription between the name "Kilreekil and Kilrush"?


    Tuesday 12th Dec 2023, 07:30PM
  • Tony,

    A Rev. Thomas Lawless was parish priest in Kilrush - Loughrea - in 1836. In 1837 he was recorded in Kilalaghton. It is possible that the two parishes were united?

    I am unable to send the original detail from the Register of 1836 or 1837 due to size of pages. You may be able to find the records on "Clonfert Parishes 1836" on Subscription Site or I can send them privately by Post or email.




    Wednesday 13th Dec 2023, 07:31AM
  • Tony,

    I received the following information from East Galway History Society - Woodford - Co. Galway:

    "I have been in contact with a former diocesan archivist of Clonfert who said it was an editorial error as Kilrush as we all know is in the diocese of Killaloe. He said there are numerous errors in that particular volume due to illegible handwriting which was often misread. Fr Lawless was parish priest of Cappataggle and Kilrickle which includes Killalaghton parish from 1831 until 1883."

    Compliments of the Season to You


    Thursday 21st Dec 2023, 12:05PM
  • Tony,

    Correction: In previous Post read "1863".


    Thursday 21st Dec 2023, 12:13PM
  • Thank you all for your wonderful help. I notice from the Townlands site for Galway that Newgrove is in the civil parish of Kilireekil. This squares with my previous trawling through the RC original records which found that Killalaghton parish merged with Kilrickle parish in 1811.

    Putting all your information together and mine bits, I am happy to accept that Newgrove / Kilrush is the same and to be found in Kilreekil.

    Many thanks again for your insights and information,




    Thursday 21st Dec 2023, 07:38PM

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