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I am trying to find any information about my ancestor's in Ireland.

I am in the UK, but was always told that my great-grandparents (my grandad's parents) came from Oughterard in Galway.

I have tried to find any information about my family history before they came to the UK, but not found anything so far.

Their name's were George Maloney & Norah Carr.

I would love to know about them, and any of my other ancestor's.Β 


Thanks πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

Chris M

Tuesday 20th Sep 2022, 11:42PM

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  • Chris M,

    You might please give the approximate years George and Norah were born. The English census will help there.

    Kilcummin parish (Oughterard) have records from 1809 with a few exceptions.

    The surname has been recorded as "Mullowney, Moloney, Maloney.

    I am familiar with the area which covers a large part of Connemara.



    Wednesday 21st Sep 2022, 08:18AM
  • Hi πŸ‘‹ 😊 

    Unfortunately I have no idea of their dates of birth, I have tried to find out, but no luck - I only know the dates when they died.

    I know George was a sailor, and had a brother called James, who married Norah's sister - Ellen Carr.

    I will try the parish record's, as you suggest, and see if I have any luck with them.

    Their lives before they came to the UK are a total mystery, but I was always told how much they loved Ireland and always spoke about it.

    I have other ancestors from Ireland that I would love to find out more about, but it's very difficult.

    Thankyou for your help - I appreciate itΒ  πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

    Chris M

    Wednesday 21st Sep 2022, 05:28PM
  • Chrism M,

    Have you got the death records of George and Norah Maloney.

    They should show their age at date of death.Β 

    Was George in the British Naval Service or the Merchant Navy.

    Without the approximate dates of their birth, you will be wasting valuable time going through baptism or marriage

    records, due to the fact that civil record in Ireland are from January 1st 1864 and many were never recorded.

    I have checked for the marriage of a James Maloney to Ellen Carr on subscription siteΒ  but none recorded for

    the Oughterard area.



    Thursday 22nd Sep 2022, 08:13AM
  • Hi πŸ‘‹

    Thanks for replying - sorry it's taken me a couple of days to reply, I wasn't feeling too well.

    Thankyou so much for checking for their records on rootsireland - I really appreciate that you tried.

    I don't have their actual death records, but I managed to find a picture of their gravestone.
    That has given me something to go on, because it states their ages, which at least gives me an idea of their dates of birth.

    I think George was in the merchant navy, and have no idea what Nora did.
    They had a BIG family here, so probably a housewife.

    I'm not sure why there is no record of their marriage - either they married in a different part of Ireland, or over here, but I was told they married in Ireland.

    It's a shame it's so hard to find out much about them - I have the family photo album's, and all these pictures of them, but no idea of their history.

    I was definitely always told that they came from Oughterard, and the reason I always remember that, is because not many people had heard of it when it was mentioned πŸ˜„

    I'd love to maybe go there myself one day 😊

    Thanks again

    Kind regardsΒ 

    Chris M

    Saturday 24th Sep 2022, 11:34PM
  • Chris M,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Can you let me have the ages on the gravestone.

    Have you checked for details of ages on the various English census.

    Best Wishes,


    Sunday 25th Sep 2022, 10:47AM
  • Hi,Β 

    It says George died in November 1955, aged 64,

    Norah died in November 1967, aged 68.

    I haven't found any information on them in the UK so far.

    They're a mystery.

    They also had a son (also called George) who was unfortunately killed during WW2, aged 20 - he was the eldest of their children.


    Chris M

    Sunday 25th Sep 2022, 09:24PM
  • Chris M

    I attach a record for the birth of Honor Carr in Tonabrocky 1902,Β  which is between Galway city and Moycullen. The parish is Rahoon.

    A George Moloney is recorded for 1891 - Galway city.Β 

    They are the nearest to your relatives in relation birth years.

    It is likely that George's father was from the Oughterard area. I have not found any marriage for the couple, so far.

    Try and get their census records.Β 

    Bye for Now,


    Monday 26th Sep 2022, 10:01AM
  • Thankyou so much, I'll have a look at those now.

    I really appreciate the help πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

    Chris M

    Monday 26th Sep 2022, 02:14PM

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