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Linda Forman

Wednesday 27th Feb 2013, 04:51AM

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  • My grandmother, Mary Agnes Hogan was born in 1907 to Patrick hogan.  She was raised by her grandparents.

    i believe the Irish census of 1911 shows her living with a johnhogan who was 71 yrs old, his wife and 2 children, both in their 20's...I believe this family were her grandparents.....Patrick hogan , was residing in Offaly when his daughter was born....we were told her mother died at childbirth....Mary hogan gave birth to my mother, Anne Cecilia Forman on January 29, 1931 in Brooklyn, ny.   We would like to know what ship? What date did she leave Galway for America...ny? can I research this?

    we would love to come visit Portumna..are there any Hogans still living there?

    thank you,

    linda Anne Forman....granddaughter..of Mary Agnes Hogan,    Residing in new york


    Linda Forman

    Wednesday 27th Feb 2013, 05:03AM
  • Hello Linda,

    I live in Portumna and there are still Hogans in the area - actually my neighbours are Hogans. I will have a look at your information and the records and ask around - bear with me as this might take a little time.

    If you look on The Gathering website you will see if there are any Hogan Gatherings happening in Ireland.


    Dolores O'Shea



    Wednesday 27th Feb 2013, 04:02PM
  • Hello,  I live in and am from Portumna so I have access to the parish records but as yourgrandmother was born in Co. Offaly, it would be necessary to know the parish to find the record easily. Hogan is a common name in the this area so please be a little patient as this will take me a few days to ask around how best to go about this. But you know a lot already and you can visit Portumna and Meelick which is just a few miles from here to see the streets/houses where you ancestors lives, the cemeteries where they are buried. Regarding the ship record, do you know that she sailed from Cork for definite?  



    Tuesday 2nd Apr 2013, 05:12PM
  • Linda, 

    we found this in the New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957. This is very likely your grandmother ? and even better it says Banagher (spelt wrongly as Banaghan) which is an Offaly parish and where her birth record probably is:

    New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 : Name: Mary A Hogan
    Arrival Date: 6 Dec 1926
    Birth Date: abt 1907
    Birth Location: Ireland
    Birth Location Other: banaghan king's co
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity/ Nationality: Irish
    Port of Departure: Cobh, Ireland
    Port of Arrival: New York, New York
    Ship Name: Baltic

    I also attach a copy of the passenger list ? difficult to read without a zoom function. It?s on It says Mary was a housekeeper and her last place of residence was Portumna.




    Regarding a Hogan Clan gathering, I couldn?t find anything. Have you contacted this website: 



    Tuesday 2nd Apr 2013, 05:18PM
  • Hi Dolores, Wow! That was fast! Thank You..The Baltic....My mom had tried Ellis island a number of years ago and said she found nothing. I would like to obtain her birth certificate..what address do I write to? And we want to know who was her mother??THAT WOULD BE ON HER BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Were there any other children born to Patrick J Hogan and his Wife?...Do I call a church in Banagher Offaly..A BIRTH WOULD BE OBVIOUSLY REGISTERED IN THE PARISH WHERE THEY LIVED ? SO THAT COULD BE BANAGHER, PORTUMNA, OR SOMEWHERE ELSE. I THINK IT?S UNLIKELY FROM YOUR SAD STORY BUT I AM TRYING TO CHECK IN PORTUMNA WHERE I HAVE ACCESS TO THE RECORDS ? NOT SO EASY AS MADDEN IS A COMMON NAME AND HAVE TO GO THROUGH MANY YEARS.YOU CAN CALL THE BANAGHER PARISH HERE:Fr. Pierre PepperSt. Rynagh?s Church PresbyteryBanagheRCo. OffalyPhone: 057 9151338Secretary: Tracy Dolan (PARTTIME)  The real mystery if this....I need to read the entire passenger list of the Baltic sailing Dec 6th of we have to pay Ancestory. com for this? or can we contact the Cobh Harbor for a copy???I FOUND THE MANIFEST ON ANCESTRY AND WOULD ADVISE YOU TO JOIN ANCESTRY SO YOU CAN SEARCH ALL THE LISTS ? THEY ARE VERY GOOD AND COMPREHENSIVE; DID A QUICK LOOK JUST NOW FOR A JOHN NOONE FROM GALWAY AND ARRIVING IN NEW YORK +/- 10 YEARS 1926 AND A FEW COME UP BUT WOULD REQUIRE MORE TIME TO COMPARE. CONTACT COMHALTAS REGARDING YOUR ACCORDION QUESTION: INDEED A VERY SAD STORY ? I HOPE YOU CAN FIND SOMETHING ON JOHN NOONE. I?M HAPPY TO HELP WITH ANY QUESTIONS, JUST DON?T HAVE THE TIME/EXPERTISE TO DO ALL THE RESEARCH. I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND! regardsDolores



    Friday 5th Apr 2013, 09:14AM

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