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I am trying to find if there are any of my ancestors still at Ballylongford, of my great great grandfather, John Connor, and my great great grandmother, his wife Anne. He was born approx 1820 at Ballylongford, according to his military file. He went back after serving 23yrs with the East India Co, European Vets. Joined in 1840 at Limerick. Went back to Ballylongford 1863. He had 4 Daughters and 1 son. 3 of his daughters were born in Vizakpatnam India. Alice, Agnes, Bridget. Ann and Michael were registered as being born at Ballylongford. He was given a Lord Clive Military pension. I have a yearning to visit and see where he came from. One daughter immigrated to New Zealand, my great grandmother, Bridget. Alice I think went back to India, got married to a James Bevan, and had a daughter Hannah there. Lost track of her after that. 




Sunday 18th Jun 2017, 10:30AM

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