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I'm trying to understand why I can't find one birth record in a family. Based on her NZ marriage record I believe her details to be Johanna Mahoney born about 1864 in County Kerry, Ireland. I believe the place was Laharan perhaps spelt Laharn, as I can track the Mahoney family to that address prior to her birth. She is the sister of my Great-grandmother Mary Mahoney whose birth record I have, confirming the details on her death certificate that state her parents were Patrick & Margret (Shea) Mahoney.


Tuesday 3rd Jan 2023, 01:44AM

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  • waikatokat: I searched the subscription site Roots Ireland and I only located three baptismal records: Denis 1859 John 1862 Catherine 1867. All three records were in the Firies/Molahiff RC parish. I did not find a record for Mary or Johanna. Here is the parish register You may want to search for the record for Johanna. Civil registration of births began in 1864. I looked from 1864-1867 and could not find a civil birth record for Johanna. In the initial years of civil registration, as many as 20% of the births were not registered. Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 3rd Jan 2023, 03:57PM
  • Also, keep in mind that the names Johanna, Anna, Hannah, Jane were often interchangeable. At, I found one Johanna born in Laharen, but she was born in 1856 and her parents were Daniel and Mary. Name JOHANNA MAHONEY Date of Birth 23 May 1856 (BASED ON OTHER DATE INFORMATION) Address LAHAREN Father DANIEL NR Mother MARY MURPHY Further details in the record Father Occupation NR Sponsor 1 DENIS GARVEY Sponsor 2 MARY GARVEY Priest REV J HEALY About the record Book Number Page Entry Number Record_Identifier Cahirciveen N/R 24 KY-RC-BA-101684


    Tuesday 3rd Jan 2023, 04:04PM
  • Subscription site ---- has a record of a Mary Mahoney baptised on December 6th 1864 in the RC church of Firies. Parents Patrick Mahoney and Margaret Mahoney. Address - Sheans Baptismal Sponsors:--- Patrick Lynch and Mary Lynch. Griffith's Valuations record two townlands --- Sheans East and Sheans West -- Civil parish of Aglish --- Poor Law Union of Killarney. I did not find this record on Regards


    Tuesday 3rd Jan 2023, 05:01PM
  • Hi Roger, Mary's record is there. I searched in the Registrar's District of Killarney using the year 1865. Patricia, I also saw that record but don't think it's the right one. Out of all the siblings, Johanna is the only one whose descendants have DNA with Ancestry that I match with. McCoy, that Catholic record came to me as a hint on Ancestry but the date and townland doesn't match. I searched through a lot of pages but couldn't find Mary's or Johanna's despite being able to find the other siblings. Thanks for your help everyone.


    Wednesday 4th Jan 2023, 12:30AM
  • Civil birth record for a Mary Mahoney in Laharn in the Registrars District of Molahiffe on March 1st 1865 and registered on April 4th 1865 by her father - Patrick Mahoney. No. 02314340 - Killarney. Griffith's valuation records have the following in the townland of Laharan: Denis Mahony -- Catherine Mahony -- Jeremiah Mahony. Denis Mahony id described as (Cornelius) and has a partner. It was the practice that one person rented land on behalf of others. Patrick Mahony may be his Partner. Land Owner - John Hurley. A Johanna Mahony is also recorded in that area. Those records were printed in 1853 - Free Site Regards,


    Wednesday 4th Jan 2023, 09:25AM

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