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I located a birth record for Cornelius Shea baptized 17 Nov 1833 in Ballanvohir parish, Kerry. It appears to be my gg-grandfather. While it is difficult to read the writing in the parish register, it appears he was either the son of John Shea/Ellena Long or they were the baptismal sponsors.

My Cornelius emigrated to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and was married in 1858. His marriage record said he was the son of John Shea and Bridget Long so at least the last names on the above baptismal record agree.

I found 3 John Shea records and 1 Long family (Michael Long) in Griffiths, both in Ballinvoher but in different townlands:  A John Shea was in Acres, another in Ballintaggart and another in Caheracrultera; Michael Long was in Fahan.

I would love to locate the specific birth place of my gg-grandfather. I've been to Ireland (live in the U.S.) a number of times and the Dingle penninsula has always felt like home to me. However, according to the map, the above Long family lived a distance from the 3 possible John Shea families. 

Other than the baptismal record that just stated Ballanvohir, is there a way to discern where my Cornelius Shea's parents lived in 1833?

Thanks so much for your help!

kathleen foley

Wednesday 17th May 2017, 05:17PM

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