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Enright and Power families from MWEEVOO/MEEVOO, BALLYCONRY, Lisselton, Co. Kerry and later from TRALEE and the USA

I am looking for information about John Enright and Ellen/Helen Enright (née Power). They are my great, great grandparents and they lived together in Meevoo (Ballyconry) and later in Tralee. I believe they married on 28th February 1865 in the Parish of Causeway, Kerry. According to the parish marriage record I have found, John Enright was from Ballyconry and Ellen Power was from Clahane. However, Ellen appears with different birth places in different documents. In the 1901 census, her birth place is listed as Kilmore, Kerry. I have also found a parish baptism record for an Ellen Enright born in October 1849 in Tralee. I am unsure about the exact location of Clahane as there seem to be several of them in different locations, including a neighbourhood in Tralee. In addition, I suppose it could also be a misspelling of Cloghane.

Therefore, I think Ellen/Helen Enright (née Power) may have been born in 1849. She died of typhus fever in the Dingle workhouse in 1915. She may have been in the workhouse because there was a typhus hospital there.

I think John Enright may have been born in Arduachter (I think this is a misspelling of Ardought??), Causeway in 1843. If this is correct, his parents were Michael Enright and Mary Savage and his sisters were Ann Enright (born 1846) and Mary Enright (born 1850). Family members who acted as sponsors at the births include John Enright and Catherine Enright.

I do not know when John Enright died but I believe it was after 1880 and before 1901.


Information from Parish Records:

John Enright and Ellen Enright (née Power) had at least 5 children in Meevoo before moving to Tralee and having at least two further children there. The children are as follows:

Catherine Enright, born in 1866 in Meevoo (Moivu).

Julia Enright, born 1867 in Meevoo.

Cornelius Enright, born 1868 in Meevoo.

Elizabeth Enright, born 1870 in Meevoo. Elizabeth later married James Stritch and lived at 93 and 114 Rock Street in Tralee before moving to Widnes in the UK later in life.

Ellen Enright, born 1873 in Meevoo. Ellen is my great grandmother and her daughter, Catherine Enright is my grandmother. No father was registered for my grandmother Catherine when she was born in December 1897 and 10 months after her birth, Ellen left Ireland and moved to the US, arriving there in October 1898. She departed from Queenstown and travelled via Liverpool in the UK before continuing to New York on a ship called the Teutonic. According to the shipping records, she arrived at Ellis Island and her final destination was Shamrock Street in Boston (possibly to stay with her Aunt, although the shipping record is not easy to read). I have attached the documentation regarding Ellen’s arrival in New York (she is number 20 in the list). Unfortunately, I have been unable to trace Ellen once she was in the US and I have no idea if she did actually live in Boston or whether she moved to a different part of the country. I suspect that she married in the US and may have had another daughter. Some time between 1898 and 1925 she died and left an inheritance to my grandmother Catherine, who had moved to Widnes in the UK, where she married my grandfather, Patrick Horan. There is a rumour in my family that Ellen Enright died in a crash (possibly a train crash) in the US and that her estate was shared between my grandmother, Catherine, and another daughter (who lived in the US). I have no details of this American daughter and I am extremely interested in finding out more about this and about anybody currently in the US who may recognise these facts as part of their family history. I do not have a married name for Ellen Enright (if she did indeed marry in the US) and therefore have found it very difficult to trace her.


Bridget Enright, born in 1876 at Wallpooles (Walpoles?) Street, Tralee.


Mary Enright, born in 1881 at Rock Street in Tralee.


Many of the sponsors at the above births were members of the Power and Enright families, although I know nothing about them (e.g. Michael Power, Ellen Enright, Elizabeth Power, James Power, Julia Power, and William Enright).


Information from the 1901 and 1911 Censuses

Ellen Enright (née Power), my great, great grandmother, appears in the 1901 census as living at 93 Rock Street in Tralee, Kerry. By this date, her husband John Enright had died, although I do not know when. Also living at the address were Mary Enright (see above, born 1881), Elizabeth Stritch (nee Enright – see above, born 1870), James Stritch (Elizabeth’s husband), and their daughter Mary Josephine Stritch (aged 9 months); Catherine Enright (my grandmother, aged 3 years; daughter of Ellen Enright junior, who had moved to the US in 1898).

By the time of the 1911 census, the house number had changed to 114 and the Stritch family (Elizabeth and James) was still living at Rock Street. However, my grandmother Catherine Enright has disappeared, along with Mary Josephine Stritch. I wonder whether my grandmother Catherine may have been living with her mother Ellen in the US at this time. In the 1911 census, the Stritch family have two new children, Elizabeth and Thomas. All of the Stritch family, including Mary Josephine Stritch, later moved to Widnes in the UK. The census return shows that Ellen Enright senior (née Power, my great, great grandmother) was away visiting her brother on the night that the census took place.


I would like to know if anybody recognises the above family members and facts from their own research. Also, I would appreciate any advice on how to move forward with some of the outstanding questions I have.  I am particularly interested in:

  1. Finding out more about the lives and ancestry of my great, great grandparents John Enright and Ellen Enright (née Power), either at their birth places or during their lives in Meevoo/Ballyconry and Tralee.


  2. Any details of my great grandmother Ellen Enright’s (born 1873) life and death in the US after she moved there in 1898. Does anybody recognise her as a member of their own family in the US? Does anybody know who she married and if she had children? Did she die in a crash and if so, when?


  3. Any other information about the above ancestors and their families.


Thank you in advance for your help

Paul Flynn


Wednesday 16th Aug 2017, 08:09AM

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  • Paul:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I will alert our parish liaison for Tralee parish that you have posted a message.

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 16th Aug 2017, 03:46PM
  • Hi Paul, fantastic research! Congrats!

    I have been able to narrow down John Enright's death date a little. Acc to the Civil Marriage Cert of James Stritch & Elizabeth Enright of 1897, he was already deceased.

    In case you are not familiar with these records you will need to give your name to see the record but they are free.


    There is a Kate Enright, widow age 50, whose dau Bridget attended her death in Castleisland 1901.

    This could be Bridget in the 1901 Census, niece of Patrick Horan

    The 1901 Census was taken on March 31st so this is possible.


    I wonder if this is your (Mary) Josephine Stritch in 1911 visiting at the Scanlon house in Cloghane

    This appears to be the birth cert of dau of John Scanlon & wife Julia in 1909 

    It's getting late here so I will leave it there for tonight Paul

    Warm wishes

    Martine Brennan



    Martine, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 16th Aug 2017, 10:45PM
  • Just checking over the research and I think I got Ellen and Catherine mixed up so ignore the references to Catherine/Kate who died in 1901....

    Tiredness is the enemy of tight research for sure


    Martine, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 16th Aug 2017, 10:52PM
  • Hi Martine,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to look for answers to some of my questions. You have already provided me with great leads regarding the Stritch's wedding, John Enright's death, Josephine Stritch's whereabouts in 1911 and a link to Julia Power via the Scanlon/Power birth cert. Also, the link to Ballyduff is interesting and something that I will check out further. There seem to be several Power families in the censuses in that area.

    Now I need to look at it all more carefully.

    I will be back in touch here soon

    Thank you again for your invaluable help.



    Thursday 17th Aug 2017, 08:22AM
  • Ballyconry was a Civil Parish at the time of Griffith's Valuation which included a townland called Ballyconry and also one called Mweevoo. Neither Enright nor Power (with these exact spellings) show up on the list of tenants and owners in Griffith's, c1850.

    Causeway town was in the Civil Parish of Killury. There is a townland called Cloghane in the Civil Parish of Killury with a Nicholas Enright, tenant of Roger Harty in 1852, (Cloghane/Clahane is a very common townland name in Kerry)

    TenantFamily Name 1ENRIGHTForename 1NICHOLAS

    LandlordFamily Name 2HARTYForename 2ROGER


    Publication DetailsPosition on Page35Printing Date

    Generally though not always couples married in the home parish of the woman so with the information we have it seems likely that she, was from Cloghane, Killury or if not she had hired out to work there. (there is also an empty farm listed in 1852 so maybe that's when the Power's came to Killury)

    There are 14 returns for Enright as tenant or sub landlord in the Civil Parish of Killury c1852.

    If you contact the Valuation Office in the Irish Life Centre in Dublin . They would be able to tell you if John Enright was listed as a tenant of Meevoo (various spellings) Civil Parish of Ballyconry in the time of the childrens' baptisms there. They might also help you identify a reason why the family left Meevoo.

    It would be worth doing a search for all the baptismal sponsors especially the Powers since they are likely Ellen's family and might help you nail down her parents' names.

    Have you searched for marriages and/or deaths for the other Enright children Paul? 

    This is Mary Enright's birth cert and John her father is the informant so he is definitely still alive in 1881

    This is the only death of a John Enright in Tralee (estimated ages vary enormously so the only way to be sure is through reading the record and of course John may not have died in Tralee) in the time frame so it might be worth applying to for the cert, research copy only is 4euros


    Year of Death1886

    Group Registration IDN/RSR

    District/Reg AreaTralee

    Deceased Age at Death57

    Returns Year1886

    Returns Quarter2

    Returns Volume No5

    Returns Page No458

    If you can identify the solicitor who handled Ellen's will that might help you. I would also suggest you search newspapre records for a train crash.

    Can you identify the aunt Ellen said she was going to through City Directories? Even if she never went there that family may have information for you.

    Failing all that have you considered taking an Autosomal DNA test which might help you find Ellen's children if she had any. 

    I hope this helps Paul


    Martine, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 17th Aug 2017, 09:41AM
  • Just saw your message Paul, glad the first lot of info helped and hope the second after a god nights sleep helped even more. Do let us know where your search leads you. We love to hear the outcome of the research.

    Warm wishes


    Martine, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 17th Aug 2017, 09:46AM
  • Hi Paul

    Ellen Enright nee Power, was my great X3 grand Aunt and was one of the Powers of the Cashen ballyduff. I have an extensive tree on Ancestry that I can share with you if your on that.

    Mike C


    Tuesday 5th Jun 2018, 12:02PM
  • Hi Mike C,

    Thanks for replying to my post. I am on Ancestry and would certainly be interested in sharing your tree. I also have a tree on there so you could share mine too and maybe we could both find out something new.

    Since I originally posted on here back in August 2017, I have some new information about my g-g-grandmother Ellen Power and g-g-grandfather John Enright. I now know that Ellen's parents are Thomas Power (abt 1803 - 1900) and Julia Mulvihil (abt 1813 - 1899). I also know that the original info I had about John Enright's date and place of birth is wrong. He died in Tralee in 1886 agerd 57, which gives him an estimated birth year of 1829. 

    Anyway, it would be great to be able to have a look at your tree and to share anything we know about the Powers of the Cashen, Ballyduff.

    How do we go about finding each other on Ancestry?

    Thanks again



    Tuesday 5th Jun 2018, 08:21PM
  • Hi Paul email me. Clonmoyle at iCloud dot com and I ll share what I can with you


    Thursday 12th Jul 2018, 09:13PM
  • Hi again Mike,

    Thanks for getting back in touch. I've emailed you. If for some reason my email doesn't reach you, let me know and I'll give you mine on here.



    Friday 13th Jul 2018, 09:33PM

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