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In reply to a recent message regarding Arthur John Pickford, I have also recently realised he could be related to the actress Mary Pickford which I had previously dismissed.  He was also my great grandfather and my grandmother was his youngest daughter, Ethel, May Pickford.


I have previously tried to research this ancestry and came to a dead end as there appear to be a lack of records for Ballyduff at this time.  As Pickford is not a known Irish name and the town is small I was also intrigued to know that Mary Pickford took her paternal grandmother's name who came from Ballyduff.

Would be really keen to know anything further.




Thursday 29th Aug 2013, 09:27AM

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  • Hi Sandy,

    Thank you for your message.

    I suggest that you post this onto the original message thread. That way Jackspatch will get a notification alerting him to your response and hopefully you both can share some information. Here is a link back to the original message:

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    Hopefully our volunteer will be in touch with some information or advice in due course.

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    Emma Carty

    Wednesday 4th Sep 2013, 03:23PM

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