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I sure wish I could find my great auntie, Mary Daly,  who I know so little about.

We were told that Mary married a Regan man, and lived not too far away, but not all that close, to the family,  hahaha...not very specific 😉 

I saw she died, before 9 May 1958, when I read my great uncle John Dalys obit in Chicago  newspaper. Said sister, "the late Mary Regan", but didn't say if she was

of Ireland or the USA when she died.  

Brosna baptism is 29 July 1865, to John Daly and Catherine Connell of Scalpmore (Casey record) and civil reg (brosna, tralee, Kerry)

The oldest girl. She was born 16 months after Bartholomew  Daly, the oldest son.

I know nothing else about her.  

On the Casey record Mary dad listed as John Daly labourer, he's always listed as that, and not a farmer. And she is called Kate Connell.

I have searched for her so long and so many hours and possibilities, the newspapers and census in the USA.  Even Castleisland records. 

She is born before Brosna Records are open for.

Mercedes Galin-McVey

Parents are John Daly and Catherine Connell.  C

Catherine Kate Connell

BIRTH ABT. 1838 • Kerry, Ireland

DEATH 7 FEB 1879 • Knocknadarriv, Brosna, Kerry, Ireland

I think her husband was Thomas, because at her brothers marriage in Chicago, the witness is a Thomas Regan, makes sense that it would be her brother in law.

Other brothers and sister are:  

Margaret Daly Broderick; aka Maggie Jackie of the Black Banks (Knocknadarrive) approx 3 m. from Scalp.

Sister Elizabeth or a Margaret Elizabeth who died as an infant

Brother Timothy Daly born 1867 and Michael Daly (Daley in USA) born July 1879 (Scalp, Brosna) my great grandfather, moved to Wales, then Chicago, then Downers Grove, IL, USA

Bart Daly, the oldest moved to CHicago, marries Catherine Sullivan.  Also, brother Daniel Daly born Scalp, lived at Knocknadarriv, there were four Daly families living there. 

any help, ideas for searching, etc.  feel free to repost somewhere if you think it might help find this family. Mary Daly Regan and or Catherine Connells family...



Saturday 13th Jan 2024, 09:04PM

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  • Hi Mercy,   If you contact me via my email I will endeavour to explore your request.

    I live in Listowel area, and so have access to much of Kerry, I will be happy to meet with you and show you to places that are relevant to your search. I cant promise relatives or people who knew your family, but I will have a good try.



    Roisin, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 25th Jan 2024, 08:18PM
  • Thank you Rosemarie, I will do that!  I did not see this until today.  thanks for responding, somehow I thought one would receive notifications in the email in regards to it, didn't realize I had to check back.  



    Sunday 18th Feb 2024, 09:09PM

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