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Jeremiah & Honora lived in Curraheen as farmers. Looking for any information on their children that did not immigrate: Sarah (1895), Joanna (1890), Bridget (1889), Daniel (1886), John (1883), Honora (1884), Helen (1880), Catherine (1877), Elizabeth (1898) thier sister is my great grandmother Mary (1879).

Jeremiah (Dermot)'s father was Daniel O'Sullivan (1848) Curraheen farmer and Honora's father Cornelius Fitzgerald (1854) Coumduff farmer, his wife might be Mary McCarthy. Honora's possible brothers: Patrick Fitzgerald who married Mary Shea, had a son Cornelius (1893) and Micahel Fitzgerald who married Bridget Donnelly who had a son Cornelius (1879). Honora's possible grandfather was Richard Fitzgerld and grandmother Judith Millaan? of Coumduff.

Will be traveling to Ireland once it is ok to travel, would really like to be able to find any information on any relative and to find my ancestors burial grounds to pay my respect. Any help is greatly appreciated!!


Linda Cipriano

Sunday 21st Feb 2021, 02:21PM

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  • Linda:

    Searching for the whereabouts for siblings to your great-grandmother Mary will be very difficult because the surname Sullivan is extemely common in the Tralee registation district. I was able to locate Jeremiah in the 1901 census in Curraheen with some of his children. Hanora must have died 1898-early 1901 since she is not listed in the 1901 census which was taken March 31 1901. However, I did not locate her death record on the free site I did find Jeremiah's 1910 death record see link below. I did not find the remaining family in the 1911 census in Curraheen Maybe the younger children were living with  relatives in another area of Kerry? Did they emigrate with older siblings? When you have time, you should search the marriage records at to see if you can find any of the siblings to Mary.

    Let me know if you have questions.

    Roger McDonnell…

    See fifth record for 1910 death record for Jeremiah…

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 21st Feb 2021, 03:04PM
  • Dear Roger thank you for your response and taking the time to look this information up. Mary married an O'Connor... so I really have my work cut out for me with these common names.

    Again I want to thank you, very much appreicated.

    Very best regards,



    Linda Cipriano

    Monday 22nd Feb 2021, 12:53PM
  • Dear Linda, the local burial ground is Annagh. If you search here under Annagh and Sullivan, you will find quite a few Sullivan/O'Sullivans.

    The Civil registration District for people for Curraheen is Tralee so a search through all those BMD's wil give you additional information. There are a number of entries for an Ellen Sullivan marriage in Tralee after 1901 so those are worth checking out.

    Also where in the States did Mary live? When did she emigrate? Have you checked for her sibs in nearby Census records? Did she marry upon arrival or after? Was her husband from Curraheen or another nearby townland? Quite a few people from this area married people thay had grown up with AFTER they settled in America. Did Mary go over to a relative? There may be American records which identify further family members that are not available in surviving Irish records.

    It would be a great assistance to other researchers if you leave some information about Mary here.

    Many thanks

    Martine, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 1st Mar 2021, 02:22PM

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