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Patrick & (H)Ellen had (7) children; Ellen (1880), Thomas (1889), David (1884), Mary (1866), Catherine (1874), Michael (1868), Margaret (1871) & my Great Grandfather James (1881). James & 2 sisters immigrated to US separately 1900-1905. 

Patrick died Jan 8, 1913 age (78)  Ellen died August 1, 1917 age (75)

Ellens parents: David Hallinan died Dec 15, 1871 Tonavane age 70 and Mary Collins ?

I will be visiting Ireland as soon as it is ok to travel. If I have any cousins out there, that would be fantastic! Also I need help finding my ancestors graves so I can pay my respect when I visit, but there are so many O'Connor's and Hallinan's.... 

Anyone's help is greatly appreciated! 


Linda Cipriano

Sunday 21st Feb 2021, 02:01PM

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  • Hi Linda, please see the answer I left re burial ground at your query re. Sullivan. Please post a Census link for your own family members in the U.S. as this may help people reading to identify your Connor ancestor more easily.

    Many thanks


    Martine, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 1st Mar 2021, 02:28PM

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