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We are lvinig in New Zeraland and visited In 2018. OUr great Grandparents were buried in Molahiffe cemetary. The Surname was O'Mullane. This is my mothers lineage. They travelled to NZ in the late 1890's. Any information or decendents now we would love to hear from

Maurice Mehlhopt

Saturday 30th Mar 2024, 11:37PM

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  • Hi, Can you provide first names, children's names, dates, and any other identifying information?


    Sunday 31st Mar 2024, 05:47PM
  • What were the names of your relatives? Do you have any marriages with maiden names?  Many of the headstones in Molahiffe cemetery are weathered and impossible to read not to mention that many graves are not marked at all. I noticed that the name O'Mullane was shortened by many families to Mullane so if you are researching your family keep this in mind, if you have names and dates I will try to find connections.


    Sunday 31st Mar 2024, 05:51PM

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