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I have a death record in which the informant appears to be a daughter of the deceased (her father), but her maiden name has been used, not her married name. Which name did the Irish use around 1879? If that is not usual, then maybe I have the wrong death record.


Friday 9th Jul 2021, 10:11AM

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  • Hi Polly,

    Post the link or names then we can see what you are looking at.




    Friday 9th Jul 2021, 12:37PM
  • Hi Margot,

    Patrick Gorman died 6 Feb 1879 in Tralee. The informant on his death record is Ellen Gorman, address Clahane. Patrick had a daughter Ellen, married name  Barrett, nee Gorman, of Clahane. Knowing whether this is his daughter will help to confirm whether this is the correct death record. If it is usual to use the married name, then maybe this is the wrong death record, or maybe it is not his daughter but another relative named Ellen Gorman? I have his marriage record as Patrick O'Gorman to Mary O'Callaghan, 24 Feb 1838. Their daughter Ellen O'Gorman was baptised 9 May 1841, address Carherveesheen.

    I know Patrick was alive in 1877 as it states "alive" on his son John's marriage record to Catherine Horan, Tralee 13 Feb 1877. Would there be a burial record? Cemetery record?

    Thank you for any help you can give.


    Tuesday 13th Jul 2021, 10:01AM
  • Hi Polly,
    Looking at all the dates that you gave I would say it is another Ellen Gorman. 
    Searched .......Ellen Gorman after 1879 and there is a marriage to a Charles McCarthy. Her father was William Gorman poss Patrick's brother.
    In 1901 census she is a widow and has her Mother Ellen Gorman living with her.
    This Ellen Gorman death is in January 1909.

    I looked for Mary's death............see the attached file.  Very faint, she died in 1894.

    You ask.........
    Would there be a burial record? Cemetery record?

    You would have to look in............this site.      New Rath seems to be the main cemetery.      But before you do there are only two Gorman records. It's up to relatives or others to upload photographs and information.
    New Rath Cemetery in Tralee, County Kerry - Find A Grave Cemetery

    I hope this helps.


    Wednesday 14th Jul 2021, 10:44AM
  • Hi Polly,

    Patrick O'Gorman and Mary Tuohy-O'Gorman from Clahane are my 3x great grandparents. Are you related to this family? If so, love to compare notes with you. My primary account and tree are on DNA test on Ancestry, My Heritage, 23 and Me, FTDNA and Gedmatch. Email is


    Mike Sullivan

    Wednesday 14th Feb 2024, 06:37AM

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