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I have been trying to find out more info about my Grandmother family on Valenctia Island. I have been down all the obvious route to try and gain information, of which I have got a lot, but I am now at a brick wall I'm afraid. The 1911 Cencus appears not to include alot of townlands for Valentia making it difficullt. Is there a problem with the census that anyone is are aware of?

My Granmother was born in Kilbeg on Valentia Island 1914. Mother Johanna O Connell (Born 1877)from Laharan, Father John O'Shea from Caherciveen. Johannas Parents were John O'Connell and Mary Driscoll. (born 1847)There are also birth records for John (1874), Mary (1870), Timothy (1879), Ellen (1872), but thats it. no other records that fit after the birth records for any of Johanna siblings. Appreciate it so long ago, but no harm in asking?

Many Thanks



Monday 10th Apr 2017, 02:34PM

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    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    Regarding the 1911 census for Valentia Island, I found this 2013 comment on a prior message on the message board. Looks like you will have to get someone to go to the National Archives and request a copy of the household return.

    Roger McDonnell



    Only 4 of the townlands in Valentia Island were microfilmed from the returns of the 1911 census, they are Farrenreagh Town, Tinnies Upper, Tinnies Lower East and Tinnies Lower West. I was in the National Archives in Dublin on Friday last and they told me that because the other 21 townlands were not microfilmed, they would not be viewable on the website either. However, they said that all the original household returns for Valentia in 1911 ( as well as all other DEDs ) were held ' off site', but could be ordered in advance to view at the National Archives in Dublin. That might not be of much use to you, but if you want, the next time that I am going to the Archives ( i am currently researching my wifes ancestors who came from Cooil West, Valentia ) i could get a photocopy of your ancestors household return from 1911 and email a copy of it on to you. You just need to supply me with the townland, family name, and some of the first names of the family members to help narrow the search down to the relevant one.

    Anne mentioned the irishgenealogy website. With a little bit of cross referencing, I found this database brilliant, especially as it gave all details, including the sponsors as well as the local names of places.



    Monday 10th June 2013, 05:19PM

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 10th Apr 2017, 09:09PM
  • T,

    My GGreat Grandfather was John O'Connell (1840) left for the US in 1852.  He married a Mary Ragan (1835) in 1860 in Plymouth Indiana. John had a brother Michael (1843).  In searching for John O'Connell's I found no less than 30 individuals born 1840 from the area of county Kerry.  When I added Michaels born 1843 of which their were 18. I have three family's with matches.  

    Crazy!  On a recent trip to Ireland we visited the Kerry Library archives where we were treated to look at a census of Valentia, done in 1851 by the Knight of Kerry. I have some of that info that I can share with you.  Maybe your O'Connell's are in there???  

    Kevin O'Connell

    PS if you go, you will want to stay at the Royal Valentia Hotel, they have lots of pictures in their lobby.  You will feel like you are home.  Beautiful place! Great food.

    Wednesday 12th Apr 2017, 04:37AM
  • Thank you Kevin B and Kevin O'

    Much appreciated.



    Thursday 13th Apr 2017, 06:05PM

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