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Henry Hurst and Bridget Fagan were parents of Henry Hurst Jnr who was baptised 26 Apr 1866 in Carbury, Kildare. Henry Jnr married a Mary and with their two children Caroline b.1881 and Matthew b. 1882 they immigrated to Queensland, Australia in 1883. I am not sure whether Caroline and Matthew were born in Ireland or England.

The 1901 census shows Bridget (b.1842) as widow and shopkeeper in house No. 5 Derrinturn. There are three daughters Caroline, Elizabeth and Sarah.The 1911 Census shows Sarah married abt 1906 to Denis Patrick Horan and they were both National teachers. They have three daughters Margaret Mary, Brigid and Frances Clare. Widow Bridget Hurst is now 69 and says she was born in Meath.

I am trying to make the connection between Bridget Fagan born 1842 Co. Meath to possible brothers Patrick and Laurence Fagan who were born in the district of Trim with parents William Fagan and Bridget McNally. Patrick and Laurence Fagan immigrated to Australia.

Am hoping there may be some descendants of the Hurst family who may have some knowledge the Fagan connection.

Thank You Marie


Sunday 1st Jun 2014, 10:08AM

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  • Marie,

    I went to and searched the baptismal indexes.  I just put in Father Henry Hurst and mother Fagan.

    I got 7 children

    Henry Hurst     1866   Co Kildare

    Mary Hurst       1868  Co. Kildare

    Bride                1870     "

    Caroline            1872       "

    Anne                 1873       "

    Elizabeth           1876       "

    Hanna               1879       "


    I typed in William Fagan  and Bridget Mcnally   leave the first name blank

    Two children baptised with those as parents

    Jane Fagan     1839     Co. Meath

    Richard  Fagan     1841    Co. Meath

    I don't know if this disproves your theory regarding Bridget?

    Kind Regards,



    Sunday 1st Jun 2014, 03:31PM
  • Thank you Anne

    I didn't think about rootsireland but I do have those records from rootsireland for Jane Fagan and Richard Fagan. I have a rootesireland record for Jane Fagan married in Dunderry to Patrick Sherlock and other investigations have lead me to their living in Ludlow Street as publicans with Patrick Sherlock also being a farmer in Gainstown. Richard Fagan remains a mystery. The other children of William Fagan and Bridget McNally were Patrick born abt 1829 and my great grandfather Laurence born abt 1839 both of whom immigrated to Australia.

    I have recently discovered this Henry Hurst whose mother was Bridget Fagan. There is mention in an Australian newspaper obituary of Henry Hurst being a cousin to Bridget Sherlock who was a daughter of Jane Fagan. Also just last night I found reference to Wm. Sherlock  being one of the chief mourners at a funeral in Ireland as a cousin to a Hurst descendant. When Henry Hurst died in Australia in June 1954, there was an obituary in an Irish newspaper showing that he was the only son of the late Henry and Bridget Hurst of Carbury, Co. Kildare. The 1911 census shows that Bridget was born in Co. Meath, so I am still holding out hope that Bridget is one of the family. I am excited about finding a memorial for Bridget Hurst who died 18 Feb 1922 and will be sending off for her death certificate.

    My speculation, until I receive a few more certificates and corroborating evidence, is that Patrick, Laurence and Bridget Fagan are siblings but I may never find their baptismal records. I am very grateful for your interest in replying to my message Anne and for the information.

    Best Wishes



    Monday 2nd Jun 2014, 12:02AM
  • Hi Marie

    I just came across your message and have had a quick look on FindMyPast.  There is a marriage record for Henry Hurst and Bridget Fagan, in Dublin North, 1865, v12 p507.  I wonder do you have this certificate already?  If not you might want to obtain it to check if it is your family.  Although it is Dublin North it is a possibility.

    I will have another look later and get back to you.

    All the best

    Linda Magee

    Kildare Town Parish Liaison

    Kildare Kildare

    Thursday 3rd Jul 2014, 03:42PM
  • Hi Marie

    Been having a look over your first post and wonder if you could clarify some details please.  You say Henry Hurst Jnr was born 1866, married a Mary someone and had 2 children in 1881 and1882 before emigrating in 1883.  This would make him 15 when his first child was born and 17 when he emigrated, which although possible is very unlikely.  Is his year of birth wrong?


    Linda Magee

    Kildare Town Parish Liaison

    Kildare Kildare

    Thursday 3rd Jul 2014, 07:37PM
  • Hi Linda

    Thank you for your two replies to my message. You were right about Henry being too young at 15 when a child was born. I made a presumptuous error with Henry Hurst Jnr. Since I posted my original message I can now confirm that Henry Hurst Jnr immigrated as a single man and married a Margaret in 1908. Henry’s death certificate shows he was a retired Senior Sergeant of Police and was 88 years old when he died 3 June 1954. He was separated from his wife Margaret.

    You were spot on with that Henry Hurst and Bridget Fagan marriage in Dublin North. I obtained the marriage certificate recently which shows that Bridget Fagan’s father was William Fagan, carpenter. I was also able to find an obit for Bridget 18 Feb 1922 who lived in Derrinturn. I obtained her death certificate which shows that she died at Kishavanna in the District of Carbury. Am assuming that Kishavanna is a Townland in Derrinturn. The informant was Elizabeth Whelan daughter who may have married a Peter Whelan and lived in Harristown in 1938.

    I have been able to trace some of the descendants of Henry and Bridget via the Historical Irish Newspapers and censuses, but am yet to find some living descendants. I am working on the theory that a daughter Caroline married a Thomas Francis Fitzsimons about 1908 according to the 1911 censuses. Thomas Fitzsimons took over licenced premises in Derrinturn from Bridget in 1907. Thomas and Caroline had a son Patrick Joseph Fitzsimons on 1911 census. There are other names of suspected descendants, but are too numerous to include here.

    Best Wishes and Thank You

    Marie M.



    Friday 4th Jul 2014, 05:39AM
  • Hi

    I have the civil record for Bridget Fagan and Henry Hurst's marriage in the Registry Office in district of Dublin North on 17 July 1865, but then I found a record on for their church marriage in St. Lawrence's RC Church, Dublin the very next day, 18th July 1865. One difference is that the male witness at the Registry Office wedding was different from the male witness at the Church wedding. Does anyone know whether this was a common thing to be married in the Registry Office first in those days or can anyone offer an explanation for these two marriages?

    Thank You

    Marie Marinelli


    Sunday 6th Jul 2014, 02:28AM
  • Hi again Marie

    In 1865 people would only have been married in Churches, there were no civil ceremonies.  What we had was a requirement to register your marriage with the civil authorities after a birth, marriage or death took place, hence the civil records and the church records.  There could just be a mistake on the civil record as this would have depended on information being given by someone who was perhaps iliterate and recorded by someone who perhaps just made a mistake.  The difference in names could just be down to the Latin v English versions.  But if all the other details are correct - names and addresses then you probably have the correct records.

    I found a couple of other pieces of information that might be of interest.  There is a record on in the Irish Admin and Wills 1858-1920 section for a Maria Hurst, died 26 Oct 1894, Derrinturn, Kildare where admin was granted to a Bridget Hurst, mother.  Perhaps your family?

    Also, you mention the death notice for Bridget Hurst in 1922, but did you see the 'In Memorium' notice in the Irish Independent 03/02/1928?  It mentions Bridge Hurst and Caroline Fitzsimons, mother and sister, who both died in Kishavanna in 1922?  Certainly worth further investigation.

    Let me know what you think and I'll see what else I can find.  Also, can you clarify who you are releated to and what you'd like to achieve with this research.  It just helps to keep things in focus.

    Thank you.


    Kildare Town Parish Liaison

    Kildare Kildare

    Sunday 6th Jul 2014, 01:35PM
  • Hello Linda

    Thank you for your reply and information on the 1865 marriage. Thank you for pointing out the Maria Hurst Will and death of 26 Oct 1894. That is most probably Mary who was born in 1868.


    Luckily I had found that In Memoriam notice of 1928 and was able to obtain Bridget’s death from that date. I have also been able to trace some of the other children of Bridget Fagan down by finding marriages and obituaries in newspaper articles. Caroline Fitzsimons’s husband Thomas took over Bridget’s licenced premises and am wondering if The Turn In located in Derrinturn could possibly be those premises.


    Others traced through and newspaper articles are –

    Elizabeth born 1876 married Peter Whelan 28 Oct 1908 in Edenderry District – no children found living Harristown in 1938 Obit of Sara Horan Irish Independent 20.08.1938 pg.7

    Hanna born 1879 m. William Ward 16 Oct 1906 in Dublin South living Inchicore 1938

    Sara born 1883 m. Denis Horan 16 Aug 1905. Her obit of 1938 lists chief mourners. I have been able to make the connection between the Sherlocks and Hursts. Jane Sherlock (nee Fagan) was a sister of Bridget Hurst (nee Fagan). I have found the death Leo Horan (son of Sara) in 1995 in Dundalk area. Clare Byrne (nee Horan) daughter death 3 Aug 1995 Irish Independent 4 Aug 1995


    I am trying to find living descendants of Bridget Hurst who may have some folklore on their family history which could lead me to the exact Townland in Co. Meath where my great grandfather Lawrence Fagan and his brother Patrick Fagan were born circa 1839 and 1829, respectively. If I could find Bridget’s original Townland in Meath, it may help me to track them down. I have a copy of original of sister Jane Fagan’s baptism of 15 Apr 1838 in Dunderry Parish and that of Richard Fagan’s baptism of 12 Sep 1841 in Dunderry.  I also found a William Fegan, carpenter on the 1821 Census living in the Townland of Balbradagh, Parish Bective and I believe this William could be my grgr grandfather William Fegan. My main object at this stage is to make contact with any descendants of my Fagan family who may be interested in exchanging stories or information with me.


    Thank you for all your help Linda

    Best Wishes

    Marie M.


    Monday 7th Jul 2014, 05:02AM
  • Apologies for the multiple posts - I'm new to this and I haven't worked out how to delete posts yet :-)

    Saturday 25th Oct 2014, 12:40AM
  • Hi Marie - I just came across your message. I am a grandson of Patrick Joseph Fitzsimons (Born 1907 -Died 1989), who was the son of Caroline Fitzsimons (nee Hurst) and Thomas Fitzsimons of Kishevanna.

    I know that my grandfather was born at the Turn inn in Derrinturn where his father was the proprietor.

    Caroline died in 1922 at around the same time as her mother, Bridget.

    She is buried in Derrinturn cemetery in the same plot as her parents. My grandparents are buried in a plot nearby.

    I can get in touch other family members who have done some research on family history and would have a lot more knowledge than I have.

    I'm sure they'd be interested in talking to you.

    I wasn't fully sure what your connection was with Henry Hurst and Bridget Fagsn. Are you a descendant of Henry Hurst Junior?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    Conor Fitzsimons 



    Saturday 25th Oct 2014, 12:41AM
  • Marie - I just reread your comments and realised that William Fagan was your gr gr grandfather - As he was also my gr gr gr grandfather, that would make us third cousins once removed (Am I right?). I knew there was a family connection to Australia through Henry Hurst Junior but I didn't know that other members of Bridget's family had emigrated to Australia. 




    Saturday 25th Oct 2014, 07:42AM
  • Hi Conor

    It was exciting to hear from you and to know that you have made the connection to my Fagan history. I am very keen to exchange any information I have on the Fagan family who came to Brisbane. You are indeed correct because I believe you are my third cousin once removed.

    It was interesting to see that you knew of the family connection to Australia through Henry Hurst and I would be very happy if other descendants of Bridget Fagan's who have some knowledge of the family history would be willing to contact me.

    As far as I can discern, Henry Hurst Jnr didn't have any children. I discovered his connection with my
    Fagan family when he was mentioned in a funeral notice for his cousin Bridget Deasey (nee Sherlock) who died in Australia in 1914. Bridget was the daughter of Jane Fagan and Patrick Sherlock.

    I am the great granddaughter of Laurence Fagan who was one of the brothers of Bridget Fagan and Jane Fagan. Laurence and his brother Patrick Fagan immigrated to Australia and settled in Brisbane.

    If anyone in your family would like to contact me please email me at

    Thank you again for contacting me and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Marie M.


    Sunday 26th Oct 2014, 09:16AM

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