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Patrick Maher (b. 13 Aug 1856 - d. 23 Sep 1918) married Mary Kealy (or Kieley) (b. 01 May 1854 - 14 Jun 1914) in Montclair, NJ, USA in 1870.  

Patrick was the son of Philip Maher (b. 1832 - ?) who married Winifred King (1838 - 25 Sep 1918) on 21 Jun 1848 in Clough, County Kilkenny.

Mary Kealy was the child of James Keiley who married a Margaret, and the notes I have from family say they are both from Queen's County (Laois County).

I am hoping anyone can give me guidance on  this.  I believe Winifred King Maher did come to the USA, but I don't know about Philip.

Kathleen Snider-Belinski

Saturday 20th Jan 2024, 09:50PM

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  • In 1853, there was one head of household named James Kealy in Laois  in Griffith’s Valuation.


    Griffith          Kealy  James      Rushes      Killabban       Co. Laois




    You can read about Rushes townland here:


    There were other Kealys in Laois, but this was the only James.  


    Saturday 20th Jan 2024, 10:44PM
  • Thank you!  It's very frustrating because that side of the family all died around the same time here in NJ from tuberculosis (1915 - 1918) and I know so little of them.  It's so hard to get the information on those they left behind.

    Kathleen Snider-Belinski

    Monday 22nd Jan 2024, 02:37PM
  • Kathleen, Even though they are no longer here, those relatives in NJ left records behind--census, church records, birth/marriage/death records, wills, obituaries, headstones, and more.  If you have looked at these already, I apologize. But if not, you might have a look.


    Monday 22nd Jan 2024, 08:09PM

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