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While cleaning out my father's house, I found a letter to "Miss Emily Butler, Ardaneena, Portlarlington, Ireland". The letter is addressed "Dear Aunt Emily" from my grandfather Jack Butler Johnstone, 1918.  Emily Butler appears in and I was able to identify her as the sister of my great, great grandfather Dr. John Butler Belleville, County Kilkenny.  In the letter, my grandfather sends his regards to "My other Aunt." Through, I've been able to identify the other aunt as John and Emily's sister Wilhemina Jane.  Their sister Anna Sophia also lived at Ardaneena House and died earlier in 1918.

What was Ardaneena House?  It appears the three sisters moved from Wilton, County Kilkenny to Ardaneena House, Portarlington. Is it still there?

Yours, Jody Johnstone























Jody Johnstone

Thursday 18th Jan 2024, 02:29PM

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    The attached, while it may not be the location of your ancestors house, it is the only record I have found for "Ardaneena".

    Google Antiquities of the Diocese of Ossory. Scroll down to "Borrismore" page 365.



    Saturday 20th Jan 2024, 07:51PM
  • HI McCoy,

    Thank you very much for your reply. Indeed, I have my Aunt Emily and all of her siblings born in Urlingford, Co. Kilkenny. I have located their parents William and Jane Butler and two of Emily's sisters as Residents of a house in Borrismore, Urlingford, Kilkenny in the 1901 Census.

    By the 1911 Census, the parents William and Jane are deceased and there are no longer any Butlers listed at Borrismore.  One of Emily's sisters and an aunt are listed as residents of a house in Portarlington Town Pt., Portarlington North, King's Co.There is no mention of Ardaneena House and my aunt Emily is also not listed, though the letter is addressed to her.

    When I search for Google Antiquities of the Diocese of Ossory, I find The History and Antiquities of the Diocese of Ossory in 4 volumes, viewable online.  Is that the same book you are referring to?

    Thank you again,


    Jody Johnstone

    Sunday 21st Jan 2024, 10:13PM
  • Judy,

    Please see attached which is printed online by Google.

    Anna Sophia is listed in the Grant of a Will in 1918. See 606 - top right hand corner. Address: Ardaneena. Apparently Portarlington was the sorting office for the post, being a railway junction?

    Griffith's Valuations c1850 has a list of owners and tenants in Borrismore.



    Monday 22nd Jan 2024, 02:49PM
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    HI McCoy,

    I located William Butler in Borrismore in Griffith's, and do believe it is Emily and Anna Sophia's father William Frances Butler, 1814-1906.  It makes alot of sense that Portarlington was for the mail and not the physical address and that the aunts could have been in Ardaneena House in Borrismore instead of County Laois. 

    Can you tell me what the word is at the bottom of the grant to Anna Sophia, next to Wilhemina Jane?  That is very ornate cursive writing!

    I found this beautiful old coat of arms in my father's things as well. It must have been a gift for his father, John Butler Johnstone. I just thought you might like to see it. Thank you again,


    Jody Johnstone

    Tuesday 23rd Jan 2024, 03:56PM
  • Jody,

    It appears that this is short for Executrix (Feminine). Executor is now the more common word.

    Wilhemina Jane was nominated by Anna Sophia to carry out her wishes.

    Thanks for the sharing of the Coat of Arms. The Eagle is well placed - surveying all around!

    Best Wishes,


    Wednesday 24th Jan 2024, 09:54AM

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