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In records I have read and those supplied by other Leydons throughout the world, I'm trying to figure out if the residents of a house 18 in Glackaunadarragh (Arigna, Leitrim) lived, where exactly is that?  Is there a neighborhood, street, near a certain lake, etc.? I'd like to visit Ireland again this year and it would make my visit so interesting if I could locate where this locaiton is.

In 1911, according to the census the following relatives lived at the above address:

Leydon Peter 77 Male Head of Family R Catholic Religion Widower Farmer (I believe his wife Bridget Kaveny; of Glackaunadarragh Innishmagrath, Ireland, died in 1908).  This would be my great grandparents.  (My grandparents emigrated to the U.S.).
Leydon Tom 32 Male Son R Catholic Religion Married 5 yrs; 1 child Farmer
Leydon John 30 Male Son R Catholic Religion Married 3 yrs; 2 children Builder
Leydon Dan 28 Male Son R Catholic Religion Married 2 yrs; 0 children Telegraph Operator
Leydon James 24 Male Son R Catholic Religion Builder
Leydon Margaret 26 Female Daughter R Catholic Religion House Work
Leydon Mary 20 Female Daughter R Catholic Religion House Work
Leydon Katie 19 Female Daughter R Catholic Religion
Leydon Bridget 17 Female Daughter R Catholic Religion


This is the original information on my great uncles and great aunts at birth:

Thomas born 16-Dec-1875 in Gluckawn Innismagrath 
John Patrick born 01-Mar-1878 in Gluckawn Innismagrath
Daniel born 25-Mar-1880 in Gluckawn Innishmagrath 
Margaret born 09-May-1882 in Gluckawn Innishmagrath
James born 19-Jul-1884 in Gluckawn Innishmagrath
Peter born 28-Jun-1886 in Glackaunadarragh Innishmagrath
Mary Anne born 28-Jul-1889 in Glackaunadarragh Innishmagrath (my grandmother); died 20-Jan-1973, in Lowell, Massachusetts, at the age of 83.
Catherine born 10-Nov-1892 in Glackaun Innismagrath: died 30-June-1979, in Pasadena, California, at the age of 86 
Bridget born 24-Nov-1895 in Glackaun Innismagrath; died 13-Mar-1973, in Pasadena, California, at the age of 78

I believe this is located in the following parish:

Inishmagrath,Drumahaire, Manor Hamilton Inishmagrath (Drumkeerin) Kilmore

Thanks for reading.  I've included a few photos; my grandmother Mary and my grandfather John Gallagher (from Tyrone, I believe).  Any information is appreciated.

Susanne Dolan





Friday 11th Jan 2019, 03:47PM

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  • Susanne,

    The place where your ancestors lived in 1911 was Glackaundarragh. That’s a townland. A townland is an Irish administrative district. And there frequently isn’t a town in a townland. It’s often just agricultural land. It is in the civil parish of Inishmagrath.

    You can see where it is by using the maps on the Griffiths Valuation site:…

    It’s on the Sligo  & Leitrim border a few miles west of Lough Allen, near Corry Mountain. You may need to ask locally to find it. You probably won't find it on the average satnav.

    In 1857 there were 6 different Leyden farms in the townland (out of a total of 26 properties). Which of those is the one that your ancestors lived in in 1911, I couldn’t say but you could find out by looking at the Valuation Revision records in the Valuation Office in Dublin. (They are not on-line yet). They used the same plot numbers as Griffiths so it should be relatively straightforward working through the records to see which is which. The Griffiths contemporary maps delineate each property and so you can use that to locate them today. A little patience is required to get the hang of it.

    In 1911 there were 27 houses in the townland. 8 of them were occupied by Leydon/Leyden households.  That may take a bit of sorting out! Total population of the townland then was 142.


    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 11th Jan 2019, 04:29PM

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