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Looking for information on my great grandfather, John Morrissey (1807-1900)  Lived and died in Anhid; suspect he may be buried in Anhid Cemetery.  Was married to Johanna Sullivan of Toryhill in May 1859. Witnessess were Patrick Nealon and Mary Sullivan. Their children was John, Mary, Patrick Johanna and James, all of whom emigrated to NY.  Would love to find information about his parents or siblings.  Also, he was rather old when he married Johanna, so I am wondering if he had an earlier family that perhaps he lost in the Great Hunger.


Tuesday 22nd Sep 2020, 11:33PM

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  • Hello,

    Anhid is a small rural area. It would come under Croom. If you join Croom Parish here on Ireland xo you will be able to find links to all the available records for the area



    Croom Parish Liasion, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Wednesday 23rd Sep 2020, 09:15PM
  • Thank you for replying.  I do have him posted to Croom...just hoping to cover all the bases!

    -Joyce Morrissey Masterson


    Friday 25th Sep 2020, 12:59AM
  • Hi Joyce and Maresa, I have Morrissey ancestors in Doon Co Limerick, I have an amazing amount of research done on them, Which I would be happy to  share with you.

    Through DNA   I found a Ruth Morrissey in the USA , who said her Morrissey ancestors came from Charleville Croom area.

    Christina Volunteer Irelansxo.


    Christina, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 26th Sep 2020, 08:50AM
  • Christine,

    • Thank you for your post...I would love to see your research!  My email is  Also, are you aware of the Morrissey DNA research being done?  If you are interested in that, I can send your email to John Melia.  He is doing a surname DNA test for FamilyTree DNA. He has been able to do some YDNA testing on a number of branches and his Morrisseys, the Adare branch, Kilfinny branch and Bruree branch all have the same relatively rare ancient Irish genetic Y chromosome signature. They also share this with a number of other Morrisseys in Tipperary, Waterford and South Kilkenny.   THanks again, Joyce


    Sunday 27th Sep 2020, 01:56PM
  • Hello, Christina / Joyce / Maresa

    1. Paul Morrissey, from Melbourne Australia, age 64 .
    2. I seen to have an uncanny resemblance to James John Morrissy, baptised Jacobus Morrissy - 27th May 1871.
    3. Also have DNA testing results for myself and father Thomas who recently passed at 95 years of age.
    4. Our linage can only be traced back to David Morrissy, who emigrated from Ireland to South Australia in 1855 with Patrick Morrissy, born approx 1831, inconclusive birth records, as grave has no DOB, nor siblings or parents. 
    5. I also have a suspision that John may have had an ealier family, before marrying in 1859 age 53. 
    6. Would love to learn about our Irish history, as I hit a brick wall a long time ago, due to never being able to trace James's actual baptism and not knowing his parents. 
    7. Also have some Viking DNA, that I just recently read that Limerick was founded by the Vikings in 812.    
    8. Email:

    Thursday 18th Feb 2021, 07:20AM
  • Hi, after 4 years of painstaking research, I've just self-published a book on my MORRISSEY/MORRISEY family history and some of it is relevant to Morrissey's all over the world. 

    I too joined the Morrissey DNA Family Tree DNA Project which seems to confirm much of my research. The first 2 chapters discuss the two main theories of the origin of the Morrissey name - the ancient Gaelic theory and the more probable 12th Century deMarisco family. This is followed by introducing my GG Grandparents who were married in 1826 in Co. Kilkenny. The Kilkenny Archaeological Society assited me find Church baptism and marriage records indicating they were born in the 1790s and lived between Gowran and Thomastown up until the Great Famine when their children started emigrating to New South Wales. Another chapter is devoted to this period. The following chapters describe 170 years of my MORRISSEY family, mainly in Victoria, NSW and Queensland and how my ancestors changed the spelling of their surname twice.  Once during WWI (Morricey) and secondly after WWI (Morrisey). 

    It's been formally reviewed at  and is available at


    Patrick Joseph Morrisey PhD.

    Sydney, Australia


    Wednesday 29th Dec 2021, 03:03AM
  • Following on from the post above, my book is called 'Australians of The Great Irish Famine One Clan's Story' available at


    Patrick Morrisey


    Wednesday 29th Dec 2021, 03:12AM
  • Hi Christina

    I am well aware of John Melia as we have common relations. Getting back to the Charleville Morrisey's they originated in Howardstown Bruree Co. Limerick just where Pat Carey lives today.

    Quain, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 3rd Mar 2024, 08:05PM

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