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I'm unsure of this, but I have been looking for information on my great grandfather, Daniel Sheehan, who was born in County LImerick. 
I do not know his exact date of birth, but I believe it is in the 1870s. 

His parents were listed as:  Cornelius Sheehan and Mary Sheehan. 
This is new info I had received with different names of his parents.  My grandmother was named, Mary.  
Daniel married Annie "Anna" Barry (reportedly from Co. Cork) in 1897/1898 in Westchester, New York. 

I am, once again, unsure if this person is a match below.  I have tried to locate this person in other records in Ireland, but I could not determine a definite match.  The info I have found with the closest match is below.  I am wondering if anyone knows of any of the whereabouts of this family in Ardagh, who appears to also be in the census lists in Limerick?
Thank you.
Daniel Sheahan
October 28, 1872
Ardagh, Lim. Ire.
Parents:  Cornelius Sheahan and Mary Condon

*There is another close match for him with a record showing, except he si born in Cork, Ire :
Daniel Sheehan
July 25, 1880
Parents:  Cornelius Sheehan and Mary Sheehan Sheehan
Cork, Ire.


Friday 20th Dec 2013, 02:14AM

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  • Searching for Mary Hennesey born abt 1826 Youghal. Baptised at St. Mary's RC. Sister Ellener born abt 1835. These sisters moved to England around 1848/50. Ellener was single and living with her married sister Mary in St. Helens near Liverpool during the 1861 census when they give their place of birth as St. Parish of St. Mary, Youghal, Ireland.

    Cliff Lowton

    Saturday 21st Dec 2013, 09:05PM
  • HI Cliff, you accidentally posted in the wrong section.  You should put your post in the County Cork message board or in the message board of the parish you are looking for.  It's okay; I'm still trying to figure this site as well.  Best wishes to you in finding your ancestors!   

    Here's a site you may want to take a look at:



    Sunday 22nd Dec 2013, 01:19AM
  • Ah! Sorry about and thanks. I'm still trying to find my way around the site. It looks a great site and well worth the effort.

    Best regards for the Christmas and New year.


    Cliff Lowton

    Sunday 22nd Dec 2013, 09:23AM
  • Hello Andi,

    I can maybe shed some light on your question. My great grandfather was Daniel Sheahan born in Ardagh  around Oct 1872. Although he married a Johanna Hayes and not an Annie Barry. He spent all his life in Co Limerick although some of his children did move to the US. 

    Therefore I believe the Daniel from Ardagh that you have found may not be the one you are after. I do not know about the Daniel from Co. Cork, so maybe this could work out?

    Sorry I can't provide any concrete help for you but hopefully you can be saved from wasted research.

    Good luck with your search.

    Best regards




    Thursday 2nd Jan 2014, 07:12PM
  • Hi Mick,
    I already found out a few days after my post, but I forgot to tell people to disregard the post because it was not him.  You're very fortunate to know your family.  Thank you again.  
    Best wishes,


    Friday 3rd Jan 2014, 12:48AM

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