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Hello. How are you? I hope this message finds you well.  


My grandfather, William Coleman Greaney, was born in 1905 in Ballysteen, County Limerick.  


William's father was Thomas Greaney, 1868-1927.  Thomas was born in Athea.  Thomas married Mary Harnett in 1894 and moved to Ballysteen.  For reasons I do not know.


Thomas's father was Michael Greany, 1830-1885, and his mother Mary nee Enright.  Michael Greaney was born circa 1830 to Cornelius Greaney and Mary Roche.  When and where Cornelius was born I do not know.  


However, Cornelius Greany passed in A.D. 1840 in Athea.  I found a newspaper article about him in the Dublin Evening Post.  


I believe my Greaney family in Athea may have been in Glenagower ? 


Even anyone knows about any Greaneys in Athea or help.  It would be much appreciated.




Eoin Mac Flanncaidh Ua Grainne 


Wednesday 7th Sep 2022, 05:21PM

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  • Athea parish is on the border with Kerry.  It's possible some of your people came from Kerry, so if you don't find them in Limerick records, you might look in Kerry records.


    Thursday 8th Sep 2022, 04:00PM
  • Patricia,


    Thanks for this.  Yes I have thought the same. But I have done extensive research.  Need more info on my family from Athea.  I cannot connect before here.  




    Eoin Mac Flanncaidh Ua Grainne 


    Thursday 8th Sep 2022, 05:46PM
  • 2nd entry down,  number 85, the place of marriage is Abbeyfeale. 
    Ardagh records are under Newcastle ...... the registration district,  the name for the town of  Newcastle West.

    This is the return for the 1911 census 
    National Archives: Census of Ireland 1911

    actual page with Thomas' signature.
    document.pdf (


    Thomas' birth ..........address Templeathea

    2256705.pdf (

    All Enright's originate in Limerick, Castleconnell,  I am nee Enright. Then moved on to County Kerry and elsewhere.


    Saturday 4th May 2024, 05:42PM

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