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My name is Randy Colopy and I'm wondering how to input this information into google maps. I was given this info from someone as to where my gr, gr, gr grandfather possibly lived,  "Plot 10C is a cottage of Michael Collopy Loughmore House Baunacloka Townland  Mungret." How exactly do I do this to see this on google maps??  I live in New York State, USA so the way this is written seems a little strange. Thanks for any help!!!  Randy

Randall Colopy

Sunday 7th Jan 2024, 11:56PM

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  • Hi Randy,

    The infomation that you have appears to be from Griffiths Valuation, a land survey that was done in the 1840/50s. That address corresponds to Michael Collopy.

    I am attaching 3 screenshots showing you the historial and the modern view of the area.Baunacloka Map 1.JPG. This is the historial one, next is a hybrid of the historial map with a modern one. Baunacloka map 2.JPG. The final is a modern map as it is today Baunacloka map 3.JPG. 

    If you can email me at I can give you more details.


    Croom Parish Liasion, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Monday 8th Jan 2024, 10:58AM
  • Hello!  I really found useful the way you have shown Randy the 3 maps, the historical, hybrid, then modern. Could you please show me/us where best to access these maps? i have never been able to get such a clear image of the Griffith's map, and do not know at all how to get the hybrid one. Thanks so much, if this is possible.

    I am interested in this particular area as i am researching James Cudmore who  at the time of Griffith's owned/leased a house(s) in Croom town, and had lands of about 15 acres to the south at West Ahnid. His father was supposedly a Paul C m to Catherine Blake, and his grandfather Michael C m to Mary O/Brien. Family sources say that James was born in Patrickswell c 1829, his father Paul perhaps there as well c 1807?, and that Paul was deceased by 1834.  I would most appreciate any advice you may have, or knowledge, of this group. James would have left Ireland by 1853. Many thanks. D


    Wednesday 21st Feb 2024, 04:36AM

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