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I am trying to find this Kennedy family I am assuming from Limerick. Catherine Andrew and James were sentence for cow stealing in Rathkeale 1 Jan 1848 and sent to Tasmaina Australia person who charged them was a Elinor Donohoe . Hoping to find Parents birth's places Mothers maiden name plus Catherine's Birth records  

Thanks in advance for your help ,

kind regards ,

Brenda Young





Friday 9th Jul 2021, 02:25AM

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  • Hi Brenny,

    Is it..........     Andrew Kennedy and Catherine Denis?

    Or................... Catherine Andrew and James Kennedy?

    Or..............Catherine Andrew and James Kennedy?

    The list of others are they the children?

    In 1848 what age were the ones who were sent to Tasmania?




    Friday 9th Jul 2021, 12:55PM




    Hi Margot, 

    Sorry for my bad typing skills ,

    Catherine Kenndey born approx 1828/1830 arrived in Tasmania 1849 on Kinnear . said age 18

    James Kennedy Birth ? arrived in Tasmania Hyderabad 2 1849

    Andrew Kennedy birth approx 1834 arrived Tasmania maybe on Breadalbane .

    Catherines convict records said 

    Father- Andrew

    Mother -Mary 

    Brothers -Dennis, James and  Andrew

    Sisters - Mary Ellen and Jane.        cheers Brenda




    Saturday 10th Jul 2021, 02:41AM
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    Hi Margot ,

    Sisiters -Mary, Ellen and Jane.



    Saturday 10th Jul 2021, 06:03AM
  • Brenny

    Saturday 10th Jul 2021, 06:04AM
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    Saturday 10th Jul 2021, 06:05AM
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    Saturday 10th Jul 2021, 06:06AM
  • Hi Brenny,
    They may have been sentenced at Rathkeale and not be from there, which is a problem trying to find them.
    I checked the tithe records (1823 to 1837) for any Andrew Kennedy (the father) and none listed in County Limerick.
    Griffiths Valuation Andrew Kennedy in a place called Kilkeedy which is north east of Rathkeale.
    Griffith's Valuation (
    I looked in that are for the births and the records are very faint.
    Another helper on her would search the rootsireland site for you.
    I checked the other sites I use but birth don't appear, sorry.
    Deaths were not listed until 1864 when the Civil Records were introduced.

    The only other results ...................
    James Kennedy trial in 1848........the ship went to Tasmania in August 1849.
    Catherine arrived 7th October 1848
    I will look again.


    Saturday 10th Jul 2021, 01:42PM
  • Hi Margot ,

    Thanks for the information and help.

    Would there be any information on the person charging them a Elinor Donoghue apparentley her cow that they stole?

    Maybe this may lead to an area.

    Thanks again for your help.

    Kind regards 




    Wednesday 14th Jul 2021, 12:36AM
  • HiBrenda,
    I had another look to see if I could find a Denis Kennedy in later records.
    There is one in Graigue, Rathkeale.    
    Griffith's Valuation (
    Graigue Townland, Co. Limerick (

    I will look again to see if I can find anything. The Elinor Donohoe nothing as yet.




    Thursday 15th Jul 2021, 12:07PM
  • Hi I had a quick look in australian tasmania records for you, (couldnt find births in Roots Ireland) It appears that catherine had a daughter  Sarah before she married, in may 1852

    also I have tht e documents from tasmania archive if you dont have them, marriage to william bamber, her description, and indent

    Monday 19th Jul 2021, 05:15AM
  • Hi I searched the NLI registers and saw this........see below.
    Can not see Catherine or James. 
    This area is quite a way from Rathkeale but as I said they may have had their trial there and not lived there.

    16th entry
    02509/01, Ballybricken and Bohermore - Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI


    Tuesday 20th Jul 2021, 11:32AM


    Hi Margot ,

    Thanks for the infromation I have this already .Catherine didnt end up marring the Bamber man she married a John Howard , then a Henry Anderson.

    kind regards , Brenda






    Tuesday 20th Jul 2021, 04:12PM
  • Hi Brenny, I didn't say she married a Bamber guy.

    The 15th July was entered without a name, sorry but it wasn't me.
    I don't have access to Austrlain records.



    Wednesday 21st Jul 2021, 08:04AM

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